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Rottwud '97 - Bosan, Rikki, Tessa, Meisha, Connor

Rottwud '97 - Bosan, Rikki, Tessa, Meisha, Connor

photo by: ACP

We have shared our lives with Rottweilers now since 1986 when our first Rottie moved in and took over our lives. From that moment we were hooked, and our lives have revolved around the dogs ever since.
Our numbers steadily grew after our first litter in 1990. Then in 1992, we were joined by our first Pembroke Corgi.
In the beginning, we were hooked on the show scene too, but for over 10 years now, our own business commitments have meant that showing has been reduced to the odd show perhaps a couple of times a year - just so that people dont forget out faces!! When time permits, we tend to spectate more than show nowadays - less stress involved I think.

Jodie, Connor, 'Cuba, Rikki, Jodie, Connor- 04'

Jodie, Connor, 'Cuba, Rikki, Jodie, Connor- 04'

photo by: ACP

We have occassional litters - normally when we want to keep a puppy ourselves. Our current Rottweiler range from just under 11 years old to 5 months old, inc several generations of our own breeding - we are now on 6th Generation od Rottwud!
In 2006 we aquired 'Dozer' or as he is known at home - Dozey Pants - and if you met him you would see why! He is the first Rottweiler we have bought for over 17 years.
Despite this he has qualified for Crufts at all but 3 of the Championship Shows that he has been to and as of 2006/2007, has rarely been out of the cards when being exibited since.
He has had numberous Best Puppy, Best of Breed and Reserve Best of Breed Open Shows.

When we breed our main priority is temperament and health.

We want our puppies to go into permanent loving family homes where they can stay for life and lead a full family life.

All of our Rottweilers are hip scored, and we only use hip scored stud dogs, normally also dogs that we know well so that we know the temperaments of them, and that they match to our own superb tempered girls!!

All of our Dogs stay with us for life - they are not used to breed with and then 'retired' to some stranger - they are first and foremost our family, and the most important thing in our lives IS our family.
They all live indoors, all get on well together and all are loved and like to meet the people who come to visit us both at home and at our hydrotherapy pool.

Our next additions to the family were Jake, Zara and Summer born April 2008.

Jake and Zara have been shown during the 2008, 2009 and 2010 and have been well placed. Zara is co-owned and shown by my friend Karen who is looking forward to being in the bitch ring with her at the shows next summertime. Karen also moves both Jake and Dozer for me (when Steve isn't at the shows with us), and we work as a team together. She is a good friend and helped to raise Jake, Zara & Summer when I was rushed into hospital just after they were born.
Watch out for the future - there's lots of 'LUV' coming to a show near you!



photo by: ACP

This was Cuba at 12 weeks old - she is typical of the puppies that we breed - although I think she is a little bit too clever for her own good at the minute. She is cock sure, and so laid back. We really dont know that we have her around the house. She is a pleasure to live with - a very gentle and affectionate animal who has produced a beautiful litter for us in 2006. She is the mother of Keri & KoKo.

The following link shows Mia, one of the Rottweilers that we bred from Dallas (Rottwud Killala) & Harry in Jan 2006, who has been on GMTV and other news stations on countless occassions. She was on GMTV on June 3rd 08, and then with Natasha Kaplinsky on her News program.
Copy and paste the link and see her for yourself:

Her owner Ryan, is editor of K9 Magazine.
Mia is litter sister to Rottwud Harriette - our Polly!

Vinnie the Corgi, playing at our hydrotherapy pool

Vinnie the Corgi, playing at our hydrotherapy pool

photo by: ACP

As well as Rotts, we've shared our lives with Pembroke Corgis since 1990.
We breed the very occasional litter of corgies.
We currently have two Pembroke Corgis Red and her grand-daughter Poppy. Sadly we had to say goodbye to Red's grandmother (Red's grandmother) Harley who was almost 15 years old and the matriarch of our family. Typical little dog she used to boss the Rottweilers about and they all did as she told them!

We showed Red at a limited number of shows and she qualified and attended Crufts.
Jason & Kelly also did well and qualified Reds brother - Ein for Crufts and it was lovely seeing her & her brother Ein in the ring too.

Ein has also qualified before with his owners -Kelly and Jason - at his first ever Championship show - WELL DONE!

There is now a new addition to the Corgi household!
Poppy is a stunning Red and White girl, out of Red's daughter Kiki and WHARRYTONS BOREALIS AT DANGAVLYNS, the litter itself was stunning with fabulously marked Tricolours the likes of which we have not had before.

Kiki has gone back to live with Kelly, Jay and her uncle Ein as Kelly wants a girl puppy to show and have some fun with. FIngers crossed for some good results!

On New Years Day 2012 there was a new arrival at the Rottwud household - FRANK the Dogue de Bordeaux! He had settled in well, Dozer adores him and they are already best buddies after just a few days. He is totally different to any Rottweiler or Corgi puppy that we have had and although I have always said that nothing beats a Rottie pup I think that Frank is close to challenging this thought, and we have babied him like we have never babied a puppy before!
Frank had his own Facebook page: Frankthedogue where you can see his initial photos and hopefully some regular updates.

We are sad to announce that Frank passed away on October 4th 2013, during a CT scan that found a massive tumour in his chest. We have been devastated by his loss - he has left such a massive space in our lives. God bless you big lad xx

We will update the website when we have litters due, but in the meantime, anyone interested in our future breeding program is welcome to contact us and be placed on our waiting list to ensure that they have the best chance of being able to take one of our beautiful babies home for a lifetime of affection and companionship

Here at Rottwud, we normally only breed when we plan to keep puppies for ourselves and members of our family.
Our dogs are first and foremost loving, family pets who all live in the house.
We attend the occasional show and have been lucky that we had several dogs qualified for Crufts over the years.
Our dogs have already won Best Puppy in Breed at their first shows at 6 months of age - Jake taking Group 2 aswell.
Jake, Zara and their father Dozer were all qualifed for Crufts 2010, Jake then was the only Rottweiler that we showed 2010- 2011 and he qualified for Crufts 2011, however, due to my ever worsening health we didnt attend Crufts in 2011 - the first time for almost 20 years that we havent been to Crufts.
Frank, our Dogue de Bordeaux, then qualified for Crufts 2013, by qualifying at a Championship Show in Puppy. However, due to an injury we had to retire him at a very early age and we are so disappointed that we cannot show him any longer.

Regardless, we know that we always bring the best dogs home with us from a show!

We have now put showing on hold for a while, until we find out if I will be able to show again and whilst Steve is busy at work then helping other dogs to get well is the priority.

But, we will still continue to have the occassional litter of puppies when we are ready to keep a new addition to the family!

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