Dogue De Bordeaux

Dogue De Bordeaux picture


This French Molosser, with its giant-sized head, is probably the closest relative of the Molossers of Ancient Europe. The breed has been used for hunting and guarding of his human family, house and property, and in the ring, pitted against all kinds of animals; bears wolves, tigers and lions.

In the 1800ís, the breed was hardly known outside of its native regions, but some exports took place to England as early as 1885. This breed was threatened with extinction after World War 2 and the Bordeaux popularity was limited for a long time after, it was not before the 1970ís that the breed began to grow in popularity and numbers.

Today the Dogue De Bordeaux is known for being both a guard dog and a companion dog.


The Dogue De Bordeaux had unrelenting strength, wariness of strangers and a tendency to intimidate unfamiliar people.

This is also a great family dog because they are devoted, trustworthy, patient, calm and faithful. This is a large, strong breed so early socialisation is essential, also this breed tends to be loud snorers and drool at.


The health issues related to this breed are hip dysplasia, weak cruciates, skin complaints, bloat and OCD.