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I have kept Pyreneans since 1989 and Saint Bernards since 1996. All my adult dogs are hip-scored, elbow-scored, and all are now heart-tested by a veterinary cardiologist including the pups before they leave for their new homes. My aim is to produce healthy long lived dogs. I have lived with many saints and pmd who we have not bred from .. It takes two orthree years to assess whether a pup will make breeding quality
MY puppies are EXPENSIVE... but a car with an M.O.T. is more expensive to buy than one without.

My first Pyrenean, Nushka,a rescue dog, had many behavioural problems. This led to an interest in dog behaviour and since 1999 I have worked as a behavioural dog trainer. Nushka also had terrible hip dysplasia, and I strongly believe she caught distemper form a vaccination. The heartbreak I went through with Nushka is the origins if my passion for breeding mentally AND physically sound dogs. It infuriates me when I tell an enquirer of our dogs' good health record and they say "we only want a pet" My response is, "How long do you want your pet to live?"
Part of breeding a mentally sound dog, does I believe, mean selling a puppy which is ready to live in a pet home. Our pups are reared in the house, well-socialised, and never forcibly removed from their mums; the mum can have as much access to, or freedom from the pups as she wants. That way they learn their first life lessons from her, their best teacher. I occasionally show the dogs; my dogs have never come away from Crufts with no prize cards but selling a pup to a loving forever home means more to me. I am very proud if buyers show promising dogs, and give encouragement and help if they wish to do so, but they are never obligated. Puppies are never sold on show or breeding terms; I do not believe it is possible to guarantee a young pup will grow to show or breeding quality.
Lifelong training and behavioural support is always included, and I always take dogs back for life if necessary. In fact it is conditional on buying an Alchazandis dog they are returned if they need to be rehomed... there are a couple of occasions over the years where this wasn't possible, but barring disaster (which I was myself in the middle of then!), I would always want the fact that an Alchazandis dog leaves me with an umbrella of care over it to be homoured by both parties for the lifetime of that dog.
This means I do sometimes have adult dogs in need of good homes.They are rarely advertised. It also means I will not export, as I could not get a dog back from outside the UK in unforeseen circumstances. If you enquire for one of my dogs, please do expect twenty questions, and recognise that I may ask to homecheck you.

Regarding stud enquiries; you are welcome to enquire if your Pyrenean or Saint Bernard is over two years old,hip and elbow scored and Kennel Club registered, but I only very rarely use my dogs at outside stud and please do not be offended if I ask whether you have the facilities to breed responsibly before I give your enquiry serious consideration. Finally, please ring me to communicate.!Introductions via email are welcomed, but I am not an email communicator

...I have received many kind testimonials over the years, but was particularly touched by the following, sent by experienced Pyrenean owners Valerie and George Terry. Little Bess replaced their adored Sebastian:

"Breeding" Remarkable
I am Best Baby Bear, "Bess" for short;
Briony bred and trained me and I do what i ought.
I've been with my new owners for fourteen days
And they're most appreciative of my little ways.
I come when I'm called and I sit, stay and wait;
I've every intention to continue this trait.
I'm but four months old, so I've been told
and though very gentle, I can also be bold.
I've travelled by car from really quite far
And so long journeys are not any bar.
I have every intention to be always like this
As i have come from 'Alchazandis'
Valerie and George are the names of my pets
I really think this is as good as it Gets.

'Delighted of Hyde Heath' 04.10.08

Alchazandis Tsarevich (Geordie)

Alchazandis Tsarevich (Geordie)

This is Geordie, my lovely boy who came back to my ownership with his sister because of his owner's allergy. I was very proud when at Geordie's first show, LKA 07 he won puppy dog, beaten by his sister to Best Puppy. At Crufts 2008, positions were reversed, Geordie came home with Best Puppy, and again at Crufts in 2009, he won me a First in Yearling dog as well as a second in Post Graduate. But, most of all,Geordie is a lovely pet now aged 8 whose favourite thing is big cuddles, and sitting down on walks until everyone he meets has talked to him. Geordie has a 6-6 hipscore, amd a 0-0 elbow score.
Geordie is a proven stud dog and produces both white and coloured pups. Geordie's previous pups have qualified for Crufts when shown

Alchazandis Toffichocks (Ozzy)

Alchazandis Toffichocks (Ozzy)

Gorgeous Ozzy is another dog who came back to my ownership at a year old, because his owner was not happy with his behaviour. He is quite a bit bigger than the pup you see in the picture now!Saint Bernards are boisterous, but happily Ozzy has calmed down, and at his first show he qualified for Crufts. I was delighted at Crufts 2010 when, as one of four dogs with me on the day, Ozzy behaved impeccably. He is also a pleasure to groom ; a far cry from the dog who needed sedating to demat only ten months before. His hipscore is 6-7, elbows 0-1 and he has a clear heart-test certificate.
Ozzy is now a proven stud dog, having sired litters of nine, twelve and fourteen pups, all classically marked.
I will not force mate dogs; if a bitch comes to visit Ozzy or any of my boys, under supervision the dogs are given the opportunity to mate naturally, merely held during the tie for their own safety.

Alchazandis Pyreneans can retrieve!

Alchazandis Pyreneans can retrieve!

A typical Alchazandis pup. Just proving the point that with appropriate encouragement, pyreneans can learn to do tricks for love. Retrieving really isn't heard of in this breed in England, and yet in the States Pyreneans have been worked to working trials titles. they just need to believe in the handler regarding "what's it worth"....and behind, in the pen; Now eleven years old Smudge, a big chunky boy, is full of fun. Bigger than most of the dogs in the show-ring now, he is a proper old bear. He is from a long-lived line, which I suspect have a bit of Pyrenean Mastiff in their ancestry somewhere.
In common with several of the dogs I have had, Smudge has his bronze Good Citizens award

march pups

march pups

The mother of Alchazandis Best Baby Bear Voslubleniy is Russian for beloved. Sadly pts September 2014, Phoenix was Geordie's mum and Smudge's full younger sister. She was the most loving dog whose speciality has always been paw hugs; a left hook round the leg. Aged six, she suddenly graduated to double pawhugs; throwing both front legs at you , then hanging on with all claws while slithering to the ground!. The picture was taken when I found Phoenix having a crafty forty winks on top of a lot of sacks of dog food! no-one was going to get her grub when she was asleep. Phoenix passed her bronze and silver good citizens Awards,

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