Alchazandis - Litter of St Bernard Puppies

Four weeks old today, tucking into tea!

Four weeks old today, tucking into tea!

FlutterIslaMollyPadburyRosieCocoaStorm  7wks old

FlutterIslaMollyPadburyRosieCocoaStorm 7wks old

Flutter nine weeks old today

Flutter nine weeks old today

All puppies have now been sold

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Breeder : Alchazandis
Location : Bridgwater, Somerset
Sire : Alchazandis Toffichocks (Health Tested)
Dam : Cappachino mocha (Health Tested)
Birth Date : 10th August 2009

Health Tests

Thank you to those of you reading this who chose one of Hunny's lovely pups. Dad I have only shown once and he has qualified for Crufts 2010, his brother has also qualified and was also placed at Crufts 2009.
I have chosen to breed Saints which are tall, strong and not very dribbly, with a kind tight eye and without excessive flews. As it happens the breed standard has been amended twice since I first had Saints, and what I have bred conforms closely to the current breed standard as the KC are now putting emphasis on pedigree dogs being "fit for function" Both parents are present, as is Precious , mum's previous daughter who has a 2-2 hipscore and 0-0 elbowscore. She also gained a placing at Crufts2007 the last time I showed her. I am a behavioural dog trainer, and the pups will be as well socialised as possible,eg used to car travel, etc. Export enquiries are not encouraged, sorry! I do not mind if pups do not go to show homes as long as they are well loved. These are such big dogs; please expect twenty questions from me to help you make the right decision. Their reputation as a "gentle giant" does not mean they do not need training. For people who do have an Alchazandis pup, whether a Saint or a Pyrenean, I always provide lifelong back-up and support, and would always take the dog back for I really want to get the homes right to start with so that they don't come back!If you would like to know more, please ring me, my phone number is 01458 841782. I do not have the net at home, so your email might not be replied to for some days. Also, please be aware I may ask to homecheck you,. oh and ps. christmas holidays honoured!!


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • SUCH.FINCH. Dein Hards Chubby Checker
    • Adelphi Snow Crystal
    • Alchazandis Joalah
    • Cappachino Mocha
    • CH.Flashy Jack By Brenidge
    • Peaches and Cream At Brenidge
    • Swindridge Indleigh
    • Damsel Of Delight
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • HOLL.CH.SUCH.FINUCH. Emir V H Borgerbos
    • SUCH.FINUCH.Dein Hards Qordelia Lynn
    • CH. Timeside Mr. Sloba-Doba
    • Lanleadanes Special Blend Of Adelphi
    • Northmeadow DoubleTrouble
    • Galaxy Caramel
    • Brenidge Mighty Maquire
    • Daydream Believer
    • Brenidge Our Hero
    • Ravensbank Lost Moments
    • Snowfordhill Octoberking Of Samsoph
    • Happy Applepacker At Ambeljazz
    • Silversaints King Cole Of Swindridge
    • Swindridge Fleur
    • CH.Flashy Jack By Brenidge
    • Snowdrop Be Pretty