Lady Looking for Her Tramp At Alchazandis

Owner : Alchazandis
Breed : St Bernard
Birthdate : 29th June 2011
Health Tested

Health Tests

Flopsy is one of Ozzy's daughters.. I chose her at birth, on of a litter of fourteen puppies.. all survived!
She's a lovely girl with the gntlest nature


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Su Ch.Fin. Ch. Dein Hards Chubby Checker
    • Adelphi Snow Crystal
    • Alchazandis Joalah
    • Cappachino Mocha
    • Ch Bernegardnen's Journey At Snowfordhill
    • Broadheath Spirit to Win At Poolsway
    • Abbarsian Adonis
    • Amardapark Saffron
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Holl.Ch.Such.Finuch. Emir V H Borgerbos
    • Such.Finuch.Dein Hards Qordelia Lynn
    • Ch. Timeside Mr. Sloba-Doba
    • Lanleadanes Special Blend of Adelphi
    • Northmeadow Double Trouble
    • Galaxy Caramel
    • Brenidge Mighty Maquire
    • Daydream Believer
    • Int. Ch. Bernegarden's Ragtime
    • Nu. Ch. Opdyke's Grace
    • Ch. Poolsway Winning Spirit
    • Chandlimore Catch A Dream At Broadheath
    • Coatham Smooth Praise At Shambrabern
    • Sanflaxsaint Showler With Abbarsian
    • Middlepark Hereward
    • Pugwash Bossy Boots Of Amardapark