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The Pug originates from Asia,almost certainly China where they were bred down from Mastiffs to make a lap dog.Traders from the Dutch East India Company brought him back to Europe in the 16th century where he was greatly admired and became a favourite of Dutch Royalty.

Until 1877 there were only fawn dogs but in that year a black pug was imported and now apricot are a permitted colour too.


The Pug is a solid little dog, square and cobby with good bone and muscle; he should weigh no more than 8.1kgs and is generally no more than 11" tall.

Although dignified he has a very happy and lively nature and loves to play the fool just like any other dog. Even-tempered and happy he makes a great pet,and a sweet companion for the whole family.


Pugs are generally a healthy breed and do shed the coat,but at times can suffer from certain health problems just like any other dog. Eyes are the main concern,since Pugs have such a short nose and such bulky eyes,they easily scratch their corneas of even punture there eyeballs,causing eye ulcers. Therefore try to keep them away from sharp objects at all times.

Others can be Hip Dysplasia; where there is a poor fit between the bones of the hip joint - the femur and the actabulum.

Patellar Luxation;this is when the kneecap,slides in and out of it's groove.It is thought to be inherited although the exact mode of transmission has not been determined.

Hemivertabrae disease, a deformity of the spine,this can lead to acute pain,or even loss of movement coorination and paralysis.

In the interest of this wonderful breed,please take these health issues into consideration when breeding.

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