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  • Duke Loki at Judamie

    Loki has been shown since he was 6 months of age, he qualified for CRUFTS 2016 & was placed 4th in graduate dog. He is now maturing into a lovely male with excellent breeding.
    Full pictures available

  • Flying Start of Top Team (Imp Hun)

    Introducing Vinnie, a fabulous, handsome, kennel club registered fawn pug offered for stud. He is stunning looking with a fantastic coat and a lovely temperament . I am a Kennel Club Accredited Breeder. His pedigree is fantastic with countless champions in his ancestry.

  • Hattella Billy Budd
    Health Tested

    Proven health tested Stud available to approved bitches, Billy produces quality puppies.

    Billy is Crufts qualified for life after gaining his Kennel Club Stud Book number and has won well in the show ring

    CRUFTS 2015 Billy was awarded

    FIRST Limit Dog (17 Entries)


  • Ch Bringiton Jimmy Choo JW
    West Midlands

    Beautiful fawn dog. Light clear coat, Excellent confirmation, superb temperament, consistent wins at champ show level.
    Best in Show:- Wales West of England P.D.C. Jan 2011.
    R.C.C. Boston Jan 2011.
    Best In Show, March 2011. The Pug Dog Club.
    Dog C.C. at Crufts March 2011.
    R.C.C. UK Toy Dog. March 2011.
    R.C.C WELKS April 2011.
    Dog C.C.and Best of Breed at Three Counties June 2011.
    Also B.P.I.B at Championship Shows.Gained his Junior Warrant at 10 Months. Jimmy is at stud to approved bitches,he is a proven sire.
    C.C.Best of Breed At Border Union June 2011 Giving .... (click to read more)

  • Tremorvah Cornish Rocket
    St Austell
    Health Tested

    Lovely boy full of mischief .
    PDE Tested clear N/N

  • Ch. Pigalle Piquionne Eastonite
    Golbourne Pugs
    Health Tested

    **Ch pigalle piquionne eastonite**

    Pug club championship show
    **Best in show** winner
    3 cc's
    2 best of breed
    4 rcc's
    Green star
    Best of breed
    4 x reserve green stars
    3 x reserve cacib's

    *Fully health tested*
    Spine x-rayed hemivertabrae - normal
    Heart test - grade 0
    Patella scored-right '0' - left '0'
    Huu - clear
    Pkd - n/n - normal
    Factor vii - n/n - normal
    Pll - n/n - normal
    Pde - n/n - normal

    'Pip' is a beautiful health tested champion dog of the correct size with a stunning head,excellent confirmation and bone and super .... (click to read more)

  • Tangetoppen'S Take A Hint (Imp Nor) JW

    This boy is loved by all he meets, he has to date had so many great results from UK & Europe, 7 Best in Shows, 7 CACIB, 7 CAC, CC & Res CC, we continue to love the ring together, at home he is the nicest person to live with. now producing beautiful puppies being shown, and as adored family pets. proven at stud, Producing strong offspring with bone and substance. available to select girls only.

  • Eastonite Thankyou Mam at Sarabellew
    Welwyn Garden City
    Health Tested

    Ernie has come to us as our new show dog his show career has been very successful winning numerous BOB, group placings , and RDCC at Richmond Championship show 2014 He is a proven stud dog and is available for public stud duties to approved bitches POA

  • Conquell Innuendo
    Health Tested

    Freddie has matured into a super correct size male with THE most stunning head.Carrying top bloodlines,he is siring puppies with his superb head and very correct construction.He has fantastic free, straight movement and the usual wonderful Puggy character.
    He has done well at championship shows,winning large classes.

  • Ch Ragemma Star Bucks JW ShCM
    Ragemma Pugs

    Starbucks is siring sound healthy puppies he has been xrayed HV Clean and PDE N/N

  • Macho Von Der Hachelbach To Jessygaff (Imp Deu)
    North Lincs
    Health Tested

    We are delighted to share our lovely new import boy ( Macho) He joined our family in Feb 2010.
    Macho is H.V Clear tested / Patt Checked / Fitness Test/DNA Profile tested.
    Macho is at stud to approved girls only.
    Proven sire,

  • Goojerat Orlando Bloom at Lexiluk
    Health Tested

    Frankie is now tested clear of pde n/n x-rayed clear of hv & putnam patella 1968 scored 0

  • Golbourne Star Performer JW ShCM
    Golbourne Pugs
    Health Tested

    *~*Golbourne star performer jw shcm*~* 1cc, rcc and group 3

    The average inbreeding coefficient for the breed is 6.2%
    *Golbourne star performer jw shcm* is below the average at 5.8%

    *~*Health tested*~*
    Dna tested 'pde' n/n 'clear'
    Spine x-rayed 'normal'
    Heart tested by cardiologist - grade '0'
    Patella luxation tested and scored to putnam 1968 scoring system.Range 0-4 - left '0' - right '0'
    Dna profiled

    All health test results are certified with certificates.

    'Tito' is the sire of our new baby puppy dog,

    **Golbourne imperial star cjw16** .... (click to read more)

  • Clownforever Joker
    County Down

    Gerry is a very relaxed boy who takes everything in his stride. He loves his walks, he loves his food and most of all he loves to sit on the sofa and bark at anything on animal planet! he has sired several stunning litters with my girls.

  • Parishdream Goldfinger

    Meet Noodle - such a lot to say about this little man.

    He is a beautiful fawn boy with dark mask, good stride, correct teeth & ears, and a wonderful double-curl tail.

    He has the most fantastic personality! Such an entertainer and a real joy to live with. He has featured in advertising, promotions & specialist photography. He also has famous tv, film & advertising off-spring!!

    He is a very special boy and truly one-of-a-kind.

    Available to pre-approved healthy, fully vaccinated Pug bitches only.

  • Teaseltail Fly by Night
    Health Tested

    Teaseltail Fly By Night is an all black bred dog. He is a proven stud. He has won Best Black Puppy in Show at the Breed Clubs. He has also won Best Black in show this year 2013 at the Scottish Pug Dog Club Championship sHow.
    He has won numerous first at Ch shows plus he is uplifted for life at Crufts. This means he can exhibit every year at Crufts , he goes not need to qualify every year. His pet name is Fly and he has also won a Reserve dog challenge certificate at Three Counties ch show this year 2013 . Fly as a beautiful nature , an outstanding jet black coat, fabulous confirmation and .... (click to read more)

  • Teaseltail Tic Follows Tock JW

    Walter won his junior warrant at just ten months of age nearly all his wins won at ch shows in large classes with good pugs present. He was the top winning pug puppy 2oo6. He won a reserve cc at 12 months of age. He continues to sire quality pups. He is the son of champion teaseltail talks in ernest bob at crufts 2007 he has also achieved his show certificate of merit

  • Moulain Captain Pugwash for Lanebern
    Health Tested

    Pickle, as he is known at home, is a very happy, healthy & fully DNA tested (for PDE, PKD, MHA, HUU, PLL & DM) Fawn boy.

    Whilst he is not the 'biggest' of Males, he is short coupled & proven at Stud. We have his Daughter here with us.

    He is available at stud to approved bitches.

  • Ch Sephina All Shook Up at Eivisah JW ShCM
    South Lanarkshire
    Health Tested

    Elvis aka Ch Sephina All Shook Up at Eivisah JW ShCM is now 2 years old and is continuing to win consistently at both Championship and Open shows.

    Our Champion boy gained his crown this summer after winning CC number two and three on back to back days at 2 different championship shows.

    To date Elvis has 5 CC's all with Best Of Breed, 5RCC's and 3 x Group 4 placings at champ shows.

    Elvis is fully health tested. He has been xrayed Hemivertebrae clear, Patella 0:0 and had tested N/N for PDE, PKDef and PLL.

    Elvis is the most loving boy to live with. He is a cheeky .... (click to read more)

  • Diesel Duke
    Stoke On Trent


    A fantastic specimen of Pug.He has a Kennel Club coeffiency of 3 % !!!
    Excellent pedigree,fantastic temperament, living indoors with us as our pet (NOT IN KENNELS!!)
    No tongue/Hernias or breathing issues.
    Solid cobby body and great pigmentation.
    Tight twist tail,desired Pug moles and deep,black mask.
    Mating comes complete with Kennel Club Litter Registration certificate.
    Experienced Dog handlers for first time bitches.