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North Yorkshire
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Cukoton Callie, Vayadios and Brice

Cukoton Callie, Vayadios and Brice

photo by: Jo Scott

Rifelin Amadeus: Junior World Champion 2001

Rifelin Amadeus: Junior World Champion 2001

photo by: Jo Scott



photo by: Jo Scott

Coton Badshah breathtaking maid at Cukoton

Coton Badshah breathtaking maid at Cukoton

photo by: Jo Scott

CUKOTON - Kennel Club Assured Breeders

A little about us

We have owned Cotons since the 90's.
We are also the first ever breeder to have a KC registered litter of Coton de Tulear puppies in the UK.

It is important to say we are very proud of all our little Cotonís, whether they win shows, do agility, empty washing machines, open and shut cupboards, skateboard down the drive, or just snuggle on the sofa they are all a joy to own.

Vadi our first Coton was the Top Coton de Tulear 2000 in the UK and was crowned Top Coton de Tulear 2001 even though Vadi had a litter in 2001. Vadi was featured in the Best of British dogís magazine. This sounds more impressive than it was as there were hardly any Cotons showing in those early days and at most shows she was up against other import register breeds but she did have some great winning results and held her own. She was also the most adorable loving cuddly dog in the world.

Cukoton's success carried on with Cukoton Argent Apollo (one of the first KC registered Coton de Tulears in the UK) He won Best Toy import register puppy 2002 winning an impressive 8 Best of Breed Puppy, 5 Reserve Best Dog, 2 Best Import Register. Thanks to Lynda & Alan for showing him. He's now shows off Louise & Paul's sofa to its full benefit.

As breeders we only have a litter when we want to keep a puppy or family want a puppy and I am always interested to see how our Cotons grow and develop before considering another litter. Its never been about about producing the most dogs or making money to us. It's about breeding the 'right' dog. It's important for us that our cotons have the perfect temperament, be healthy, intelligent loving and to be as long lived as possible. We are proud & loving parents/owners so we want out little dogs in our lives for as long as possible. All our Cotons are house dogs and do sleep in our bedroom, we keep our Cotons forever and don't sell/rehome once they have retired or classed as too old to breed, they are a huge part of our family - we do train them to do many things which can be seen on YouTube (please enter Cukoton in the search and then you can have a glimpse at what your Cotons may be trained to do with a little time, lots of love and the odd tasty treat) training makes a bond between you and you dog that's seldom ever broken and can be a lot of fun too

For the last few years we haven't been proactive in the dog show world. In September 2014 we were persuaded to give showing a go after 20 years of watching others. The first show was Darlington Champ Show with our beautiful & waggy tailed happy loving 6 month old puppy, 'Lottie' Coton Badshah breath taking maid at Cukoton - she was placed 2nd in puppy bitch qualifying for Crufts 2015, Then later in the varieties toy/working puppy bitch stakes with 26 entries Lottie came an impressive 4th. With thanks to our local training class, and lots of encouragement, reassurance and many many tips from all our dog showing friends, Lottie has had some fantastic results, even with a complete novice handler holding her lead -
Lottie's Show results to date:
2 Best of Breeds
1 Best AVNSC
1 Reserve Best AVNSC
2 Best Puppy AVNSC
4 Best Puppy in Breed
1 Puppy Group 2
2x Puppy Group 3
8 x 1st Rosettes
Not bad for her first 16 weeks of showing, and I hear it does become fun and rather addictive as time goes on.

At 13 months of age Lottie won RESERVE BEST DOG IN SHOW

Our Show dogs are Clanlee nearly 5 years old fully heath tested with DNA and eyes, Lottie 2 years old health tested and Sky health tested our very new addition only 9 weeks old

If you would like to read more about our Coton de Tulears or the breed in general please visit our web site

Very Best Wishes CUKOTON the longest breeder of cotons in the UK with Possibly the least litters

Any questions just email or call

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