Newford - Litter of Dobermann Puppies

Sofie as a youngster

Sofie as a youngster

Sofia Del Nasi

Sofia Del Nasi

Newfords We Will Rock You

Newfords We Will Rock You

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Breeder : Newford
Location : Murrow, Cambs
Sire : Newfords We Will Rock You (Health Tested)
Dam : Sofia Del Nasi (Imp Svn) (Health Tested)
Birth Date : 14th July 2016

Health Tests

**We have 1 black & Tan female potentially available to a home where showing would be considered. We are happy to help newcomers but experienced handlers are always welcome**

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride is our poor Sofie! Sofie is the strangest creature, So gentle & delicate. She has a terrily annoying habbit of jumping up at you when you see her but because its like her floating over and gently landing on you shes always got away with it! No one can really say no to the love that is brown. Sofie was Imported from "Del Nasi" Kennel in Slovenja, Her mother is the beautiful Eureka Del Nasi who was Black female IDC Sieger in 2013 & Int champion, her father Mitto Del Nasi who possessed not only beauty being a International Champion but brains having an IPO3 title with his Korung.

Sofie is a very correct bitch, always standing 4 square. She is not to everyones taste conformationally but for me her character wins hands down every time. She is often seen being climbed over by my 17 month daughter or taking food out of her hands when she knows she shoudnt be! Sofie is also strange in another way,as always been allowed to get in the whelping box with other bitches & their litters. This is not typical for dobes to allow this but somehow the brown child is always allowed in to help clean bottoms!

The Sire to this litter is Loki, (Newfords We Will Rock You). Loki has only been shown the once when I kidnapped him for the day and he didnt really think much of the whole thing. I bred Loki and had held out for a show home for him but when Don & Caroline came along looking for a puppy I couldnt say no to them and my gut instict has proved to be right. Loki lives with his "older sister" Ninny along with a cat for good measure. I have watched Loki grow up from a bounding puppy in to a calmer older gent always having my eye on him to one day "make use of his services". Loki has a wonderful temperment if you are human, feline or canine.. however if you are part of the squirel family I can only apologise in advance!

From this litter we are expecting puppies suitable for companion & show homes. If you are looking for a dog suited to any sorts of sport please let us know so we can watch out for the right puppy for you. We are always happy to encourage new people who have an interest in conformation showing. We are particularly looking for a show home for a male.

Puppies from this litter will be vWD Clear or carrier by parentage. We will be expecting black & Brown puppies from this litter.

We have a waiting list for this litter so if you are interested please get in touch.

Newfords We Will Rock You

VWD Clear
PHPV Clear
Hips: 3:3
Elbows: 0:0
Full & Correct Dentition
Thyriod: Borderline Low - Unmedicated
Liver: Normal September '15
Troponin: 0.15 High December'15
Cardiac ProBNP: Less than 250 - Normal December '15
Cardiac Echo: Normal At time of testing December '15
Cardiac Holter: Normal at time of testing December '15

Sofia Del Nasi AD
VWD Carrier
PHPV Clear
Hips 4:4
Thyriod & TgAA : Normal December '15
Cardiac Pro BNP Blood test: Normal October '15
Troponin: 0.01 Normal October '15
Liver: Normal December '15
Full & Correct Dentition

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    • Zedor Del Nasi
    • Aiad Ch Gloria Del Nasi
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    • Yug Ch Bea Kasandra Sawages
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    • Karma Kaja Del Nasi
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