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Breeder : Montaki Border Collies
Location : Stirling, Stirlingshire
Sire : Bryning Aero D'Namic (Health Tested)
Dam : Carlinmaggie Flammin Hot (Health Tested)
Birth Date : 28th June 2016

Health Tests

  • Bryning Aero D'Namic
  • Carlinmaggie Flammin Hot
    • TNS : Clear - 14th September 2010
    • CL : Clear - 14th September 2010
    • CEA-CH : Clear - 16th July 2010
    • Gonioscopy : Unaffected G - 21st June 2010
    • Hip Score : 5/4 = 9 - 8th June 2010

After the awesomeness of the Quechos and the Techos, I am very excited to announce that we are expecting some fuzzy little Rochos next summer! :)

After a lot of thought I have decided to have a final litter from Echo and, after a lot more thought, her partner in crime this time is going to be the stunningly handsome and gorgeously friendly and talented Aero.

I have always greatly admired this boy, along with a great many of his relatives. Aero is enthusiastic and driven, having quite the turn of speed on him thanks to his cracking structure and enthusiastic personality. Yet he is also very soft and cuddly and relaxed when not being asked to work.

Echo is the kind of dog that I love to work with, full of energy and enthusiasm and very eager to learn new things. She has a lovely attitude and nice flowing jumping style and has been an absolute pleasure to learn about agility with.

At home she is also one of the most genuine, sweet natured dogs that I have known and is an absolute pleasure to live with. She loves learning tricks, snuggling and hunting down every single tennis ball within a mile radius ;) Echo gets along with everyone that she meets, human and canine, and has a very tolerant, positive outlook on life.
Puppies may be red and white, red tri, red merle or red merle tri this time around.

Aero is producing very nice puppies who appear to share both his lovely structural qualities and his fantastic temperament and so I am very keen to see what he and my Echo can put together :)

Carlinmaggie Flammin Hot
Adult eye test: Clear
Gonioscopy: Unaffected
CEA/CH: DNA tested clear
TNS: DNA tested clear
CL: DNA tested clear
IGS: DNA tested clear
MDR1: DNA tested clear
Hip Score: 5:4

Bryning Aero D'namic
Adult eye test: Clear
Gonioscopy: Unaffected
CEA/CH DNA tested : Genetically clear
TNS DNA tested : Genetically clear
Hip Score: 7:5


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Sadgyhl Pip Me To Comebye (Cd Ex Ud Ex)
    • Spice (Isds 235796)
    • Locheil Time Moves On
    • Canen Spangle (ISDS 236879)
    • Bart (ISDS 283500)
    • Canen Cressida (ISDS 276974)
    • Bannetstane Pepperpot Pict
    • Pepperoni Picking on Me
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Sadghyl Cairn (Isds 169884)
    • Beck (Isds 165084)
    • Tan (Isds 188851)
    • Skay (Isds 227933)
    • Fin Sh Ch Pikkupaimenen Fair Play (Fin)
    • Locheil Mustang Sally
    • Sadghyl Pip Me To Comebye (ISDS 193219) (CDex UDex)
    • Gyl (ISDS 222145)
    • Eryri Roy at Canen (ISDS 249362)
    • Canen Jinks (ISDS 264012)
    • Canen Russ (ISDS 247239)
    • Broadhead Tess (ISDS 257970)
    • Cherokee Buffalo Jump
    • Bannetstane Redhot Holly (ISDS 245107)
    • Caigeann Kirk (ISDS 222465)
    • Echo (ISDS 226348)