Kirkbridgend - Litter of Border Collie Puppies

Elektra (dam) in the show ring

Elektra (dam) in the show ring

photo by: Alan Walker

Jojo (sire) in the show ring

Jojo (sire) in the show ring

photo by: Anita Gowing

Elektra (dam) loving competing in agility

Elektra (dam) loving competing in agility

photo by: Gemsdale Photography

All puppies have now been sold

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Breeder : Kirkbridgend
Location : Liss Forest, Hampshire
Sire : Sh Ch Littlethorn Triton (Health Tested)
Dam : Kirkbridgend Rock Star (Health Tested)
Birth Date : 10th June 2016

Health Tests

We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders and have passed our inspection.

Ellie has successfully whelped 5 puppies: 2 Blue Boys, 1 Black Boy and 2 Blue Girls. They are all good size healthy puppies and mother and pups are doing well.

Our Elektra (Kirkbridgend Rock Star) was mated to the lovely Jojo (Sh Ch Littlethorn Triton) to produce puppies that should be suitable for all dog sports as well as the show ring. Littlethorn are known for their fantastic loving temperaments as well as ability to excel in all disciplines across the UK and Europe. Please see lower down the page for more information on the achievments of Elektra and Jojo's relatives. Please see my website for more pictures of Elektra and Jojo

Our dogs, Elektra (or Ellie) and her dam Poppy, are first and foremost much loved pets who live in the house and sleep in our room at night with us. They have also both shown at Crufts, Ellie having been placed at Crufts 2015. Their first love though is agility which they are both doing well at. Jojo is a show dog who is again much loved and very loving. Although Littlethorn themselves only compete in the show ring, dogs that they have bred are at the top of all disciplines in the UK and around Europe.

Both Elektra and Triton are fully health tested and have excellent results. Both have good hip scores under the breed mean/ average, and both are DNA Clear for CEA, CL, TNS, MDR1 and IGS/B12 so all puppies will be hereditary clear of all these diseases. Both dogs have passed their Gonioscopys and up to date BVA eye tests. Elektra has also been BAER hearing tested normal and elbow scored with the best result possible (0).

It is unlikely that any puppies will be ready to leave here until sometime in the first half of August 2016 once they are 8 weeks old.

Puppies will be brought up in the house as part of the family and with our cat. They will be used to all the usual household noises etc. They will not be allowed to leave us until they are 8 weeks old.

All our puppies will be KC breed registered. Puppies are likely to be high drive and will be most suited to competitive dog sports homes (agility, flyball, HWTM, obedience, etc) where they will have a job and be allowed to work and use their brains as well as being loved. There is the chance of some blue puppies and possibly some tri coloured puppies as well as the usual black and white. All homes will be assessed as suitable before people are added to my waiting list.

All puppies will come with a puppy contract, large puppy pack, full breeder back up and lifetime support. All pedigrees will be fully endorsed with the KC as not to be bred from or exported and these endorsments are unlikely to be lifted. Puppies will be microchipped, BAER hearing tested and eye tested by a BVA specialist (litter screen) as well as the normal puppy health checks. Please note that I will never under any circumstance home 2 puppies from the same litter together.

I will only ever breed from fully health tested dogs with good results.

If you would be interested in a puppy from this litter then please contact me telling me why you would like one of these puppies, where you live, what sort of life you could offer a puppy and what previous experience you have with dogs, particularly Border Collies. If you don't have time to write a long email giving me lots of information then you don't have time for a Border Collie puppy!

WARNING: Our puppies are likely to inherit the belief that they are lap dogs and require huge amounts of love, cuddles and kisses to survive!!

Achievements of the planned puppies relatives:
As well as many making excellent loving companions, there are also some high achievers related to these planned puppies on both sides of their lines. Their pedigree will also include the fantastic Sh Ch Grandver Celtic Quest whose line itself includes the famous Sh Ch Brooksbid Country Classic. There are many ISDS dogs behind the lines as well as some of the famous NZ lines and a dash of Aus.

Agility achievers on both Ellie and the planned pups paternal side include Ag Ch Bekkis Carbon Copy (sired by Littlethorn Continental), Ag Ch Littlethorn Saxo and Littlethorn Evo who is on the Czech International Agility Team as well as doing well in the show ring. On Ellie’s maternal side her grandsire is also the grandsire of Ag Ch Arnpriors Made Of Honour (Sian Illingsworths European Champion Maybe). Ellie’s dam Poppy has a litter mate competing in Grade 6 and Poppy herself has gained her Agility Warrant Bronze from 11 shows and has become an amazingly consistent dog. Please see Poppy's page on my website for her list of agility awards including winning a 5 part winter tournament across all grades and heights. Ellie has done really well and come on very quickly and consistently over her first winter of agility and I have had some great comments from judges on how much promise she has! Sadly she came into season to soon to start competing at KC agility this year. Her list of awards are also on her page on my website.

Sheep herding achievers include Littlethorn Qashqai who is registered with the ISDS on merit and the only living UK full Champion Ch Littlethorn Colt SBCHT who has passed his herding test.

Heelwork to music acheivers include DKHMCH Littlethorn Avensis (Doggie) DKMCH HTM Dog of the Year 2012 and competes internationally and Littlethorn Feet of Flames (Hero)who has represented Denmark at Crufts in HWTM 3 times as he won the Danish Kennel Club Freestyle Dog of The Year 3 times! Only 1 dog from each country gets this honour per year!

Flyball achievers include Littlethorn Uno who was the fastest flyball dog in the UK in his day and Ellie’s litter mate Mabel (Kirkbridgend Rockin Around) starts competing this year and is showing lots of promise with super fast box turns.

Showing achievers include Ellie’s grandsire Sh Ch World Ch Littlethorn Continental, the only UK owned and bred World show champion, the puppies sire Sh Ch Littlethorn Triton who was the top winning male border collie puppy 2013 and Border Collie Puppy Of The Year 2013 and many other show champions. Littlethorn Triton’s sire Sh Ch Sashdan Smokin Joe is the leading Pastoral Sire 2015, the sire of the Top Winning Border Collies of 2016, Dog and Bitch, Sh Ch Fayken I am Legend and Sh Ch Fayken Indecent Proposal and also sire to Crufts 2015 BOB Sh Ch Calykiz Smoke On The Water. A beautiful and loving three quarter sister to these puppies, Littlethorn Shelby JW, has her studbook number through her Junior Warrant, has already gained an RCC before turning 2 and was Reserve Border Collie Puppy Of The Year 2015. Ellie herself was placed at Crufts 2015 and qualifed for Crufts 2016. Her dam Poppy has qualifed for Crufts twice and Poppy's sire Rocky has 1 CC and 2 RCC making him Crufts qualifed for life. Even if you don't want to show your pup these great show results show the excellent confirmation and movement of these dogs which benefits them generally for basic health and well being and will aid them in any sport.