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Breeder : Montaki Border Collies
Location : Stirling, Stirlingshire
Sire : Whiterose Dodger (Isds 00/331985) (Health Tested)
Dam : Montaki Starlight Shimmer (Health Tested)
Birth Date : 8th June 2016

Health Tests

  • Whiterose Dodger (Isds 00/331985)
    • Eye Examination : Unaffected - 18th January 2016
    • Hip Score : 6/12 = 18 - 3rd December 2015
    • CL : Clear - 13th May 2015
    • TNS : Clear - 7th May 2015
  • Montaki Starlight Shimmer

Delta has been mated to a lovely young ISDS lines dog called Dodger who should complement her very nicely.

Dodger is a very happy, bouncy boy. He is enthusiastic and focused with gorgeous overall structure and lovely, ground covering movement. He's also a generally great dog to be around and an exciting match for Delta who is a very intuitive and thoughtful worker and very neat and driven in her agility so far.

Montaki Starlight Shimmer
Litter eye tested clear
Adult eye test: Clear (23.12.14)
Gonioscopy: Unaffected (23.12.14)
Hip Score: 4:4
CEA/CH: Genetically clear by parentage
TNS: Genetically clear by parentage
CL: genetically clear by parentage
MDR1: genetically clear by parentage

Whiterose Dodger
Adult eye test: Clear
Gonioscopy: Unaffected
CEA/CH: carrier (Delta is clear so will not produce any affected puppies)
TNS: genetically clear
CL: genetically clear
IGS: genetically clear
Hip Score: 6:12*

*The 12 results from an injury and the BVA have advised taking the lower hip score as an average score. With that in mind he would have a score of 6:6.

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