DAVRICANBY - Litter of Labrador Retriever Puppies





a typical Davricanby litter

a typical Davricanby litter

All puppies have now been sold

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Location : Brighouse, West Yorkshire
Sire : Oakhouse Odda of Mariank (Health Tested)
Dam : Davricanby Desiderata (Health Tested)
Birth Date : 13th February 2016

Health Tests

  • Oakhouse Odda of Mariank
  • Davricanby Desiderata

** Gertie's puppies were born on 10 February. At the moment they have all been allocated to new owners **

This litter will be hereditary clear for prcd-PRA, EIC and CNM.

Gertie has been scanned and confirmed in whelp to Odda, a handsome lad who is not only doing well in the show ring but is also producing some stunning offspring.

The puppies start their lives in the whelping box set up in my living room where I can keep a close eye on them. Puppy-watching is far more interesting than any TV programme. At around a month old they move through into the dining room where they can have more space to move round and have access to the outside if the weather's good enough. They'll already be used to the hustle and bustle of the household, with friends and family visiting regularly (especially my young grandchildren) and the other dogs sneaking into the pen whenever they get the opportunity. They'll be handled regularly and experience all types of noises such as the vacuum cleaner, TV, dishwasher and washing machine (the washing machine, in particular, is seldom quiet when there are puppies in the house!)

When the weather's suitable the puppies are allowed out into a secure part of the garden. They have as many short car journeys as I can manage, prior to them leaving. Any puppy staying on after the normal leaving date (to accommodate owners' holidays, for example) will continue to be socialised in the same way as any puppy I keep myself.

Buyers will be welcome to come and visit the puppies from around 4 weeks of age onwards. Before that they'll be kept up to date with their progress, with photos and videos being added to my website on a regular basis.

Once the puppies are ready to leave for their new homes, with them will be a puppy pack, 3kgs of food and a piece of the bedding mum has been sleeping on. Included in the puppy pack will be the Kennel Club Registration Certificate and pedigree, copies of any of the parentsí health test results that aren't shown on the puppies' registration certificates, details of the worming/flea treatment so far, information about the amount and frequency of feeds, advice about exercise and various other bits of useful information. New owners will also get a DVD with photos and videos of the puppies from birth. The puppies will be microchipped before leaving for their new homes, they will leave with 4 weeks insurance and lifetime support from me.

FACEBOOK users - Davricanby Labradors has a very active group for owners of my puppies. It's an ideal way to keep up with the exploits of all the puppies in their new homes and a very useful place for advice about any niggling questions you might have.

Finding the right homes for puppies is very important to me, so please be prepared to be asked a lot of questions - and I'll be happy to answer all of yours.

PLEASE NOTE:- MY PUPS ARE NOT FOR EXPORT AND ALL COME WITH ENDORSEMENTS R and X ON THEIR REGISTRATIONS (please ask if you require an explanation about these endorsements)