Garthfield - Litter of Portuguese Podengo Puppies

Our Muskateers are looking promising

Our Muskateers are looking promising

photo by: Janet Tiranti

All puppies have now been sold

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Breeder : Garthfield
Location : Reading, Berkshire
Sire : Plushcourt Marzipa of Garthfield
Dam : Plushcourt Pantufa of Garthfield
Birth Date : 1st June 2015

A smooth dog mated to a wire bitch, so that some are smooth and some wire. Puppies will be micro chipped and vaccinations started.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Esquilo Da Casa Da Torre De Plushcourt (Imp)(Fr.Ch)
    • Plushcourt Maquete (Port.Ch)
    • Barcelos da Casa da Torre de Plushcourt (Imp)(Port.Ch)
    • Plushcourt Purpurina
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Cisco Da Terra De Montoito (Port.Ch)
    • Alfourrouba Da Casa Da Torre
    • Anarquico Das Lapa Do Lobo D Plushcourt (Imp)
    • Mana Da Lapa Do Lobo De Plushcourt (Imp)(Ew2002)
    • Neco de Plushcourt (Imp)(Port.Ch)
    • Safira do Vale do Cultileiro
    • Plushcourt Amigo (Port.Ch)
    • Plushcourt Pepita
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Faisca Da Lapa Do Lobo (Port.Ch)
    • Vita
    • Bom Tintol Do Vale Negro
    • Agulha Do Vale Negro De Plushcourt (Imp)
    • Manii Da Lapa Do Lobo
    • Agua Do Vale Negro
    • Alta Da Lapa Do Lobo
    • Alcachofra Da Lapa Do Lobo
    • Cantor
    • Etaf
    • Nico do Ouro Negro
    • Salsa da Varche
    • Cantor da Terra de Montoito de Plushcourt (Imp)
    • Agulha do Vale Negro de Plushcourt (Imp)
    • Javardo di Viamonte de Plushcourt (Imp)
    • Plushcourt Maquete (Port.Ch)