Houndsbay - Litter of Basset Hound Puppies

Dark Crystal has show potential

Dark Crystal has show potential

photo by: Houndsbay Basset Hounds

Houndsbay Dark Crystal at 9 weeks old

Houndsbay Dark Crystal at 9 weeks old

photo by: Houndsbay Basset Hounds

Houndsbay Dark Rose at 9 weeks old

Houndsbay Dark Rose at 9 weeks old

photo by: Houndsbay Basset Hounds

All puppies have now been sold

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Breeder : Houndsbay
Location : Northants, Northamptonshire
Dam : HOUNDSBAY VIENNA (Health Tested)
Birth Date : 16th July 2015

Health Tests



Our puppies are weaned onto a species appropriate raw diet (not processed dry food) and naturally reared.

We do not ply our puppies with chemical wormers or flea treatments instead use www.wormcount.com these tests are done at 2 and 8 weeks of age the puppies are always CLEAR.

We offer advice and a free sample of Diatomaceous Earth with your puppy pack which is a very effective natural wormer & flea treatment as well as being a natural health supplement for your puppy.

We offer a mountain of information based on solid research and science as to why natural rearing is better for the long term health of your puppy.

Raw fed naturally reared dogs live at least 5+ years longer into their high teens, vet bills are reduced by 80%, dogs are healthier and more active, the risk of bloat one of the biggest killers in Bassets (caused more often than not by dry/kibble diets) is reduced by 75% when they are raw fed.

We offer an alternative to vaccination, homeopathic Nosodes they are safer and do not cause the long list of illnesses seen in so many over vaccinated dogs today.

Nosodes work with the puppies immune system and mothers antibodies instead of against it.

Should you choose to opt for Nosodes they are issued by a homeopathic vet, you will receive a certificate issued by them.

They can be started at 7 weeks of age, by the time the puppy leaves us around 8-9 weeks he/she can already socialize with other dogs and go outside which is a huge bonus to its mental development.

Our puppies are given a full vet health check before leaving us, we also provide a signed and stamped letter from our vet stating the puppy is in good health.

We offer a life time of support and advice to anyone who buys a puppy from us.

Please note all our puppies are sold under contract and endorsed by the KC 'Progeny Not Eligible for Registration'.

Ideally we prefer to hear from experienced homes in the breed and people who already naturally rear or would like to learn more.

For further information on any of the above please feel free to contact us.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Multi Int'l CH. Yorin V. Hollandheim
    • Multi Int'l CH. Emily Turguesa Playa
    • CH. Swede Sun Ingolf
    • Babette (Avaleur Du Sabre)
    • CH. Dereheath Marcus Aurelius
    • Malrich Calida
    • S 'Par Hasard Du Lac Sacre d'Amon
    • Philomene Des Dunnes Shebab
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • CH. Rambo Dominik
    • NI CH. Zarah V. Hollandheim
    • Multi Int'l CH. Umberto V. Hollandheim
    • Multi Int'l CH. Qellin Dominik
    • Multi Int'l CH. Come Get me Dos sete Moinhos
    • Multi Int'l CH. Swede Sun Klara
    • NI CH.The Third Kind Atoka
    • Malomtai - Aranyos Elene
    • CH. Dereheath Keaton
    • Dereheath Tinkerbell
    • Malrich Villian
    • Malrich Playing For Keeps
    • CH. Playboy Du Lac Sacre d'Amon
    • O' Happy Days (Ozana)
    • Livingstone Des Lordes De Normandy
    • J'arrive Du Harras De La Vergne