Billingbriar - Litter of German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies

The sire is Hector

The sire is Hector

photo by: Y.Harrison

All puppies have now been sold

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Breeder : Billingbriar
Location : Bracknell Forest, Berkshire
Sire : Billingbriar Phantastique (Health Tested)
Dam : ynyscynon sweet seren
Birth Date : 16th April 2015

Health Tests

After a succesful Valentines Day mating this quality litter was born 16th April 2015 and Molly has been a wonderful mother. The puppies colours are solid liver or liver and white ticked.
This litter are being bred as a working litter & are tail docked. Permission to show a docked dog can be gained in writing from the Kennel Club and docked dogs can be exhibited at certain shows where the public do not pay for entry and in the Field Trial Showing working ring at Crufts.

We own Teal(Collwarwick Damask at Billingbriar) who will be the pups grandmother and she prefers to work on shoots and has been succesful whilst competing in working tests, scurry and field trials.

The pups sire is Teal's son Hector who works also and is not gunshot shy and his favourite passtime is swimming. The pups inbreeding coefficient is 1.6%(below average for a GSP).

Molly the pups mother is a good natured lively enthusiastic family pet primarily & she lives indoors with children & pet cats/chickens/ducks & has been easy to train to 'leave it'. Her full litter sister has been placed in working tests and her full brothers and sisters work on shoots picking up and walked up & go grouse counting.
The dam Molly is the full litter sister of one of our own GSP stud dogs who is called 'Galaxy Wizard at Billingbriar' or Lorenzo hipscore 11. We also owned his 'uncle' and 'great uncle' and have had no hereditary health problems with these breeding lines to date.
Molly and Lorenzo's father(Rudryparks Tom Sawyer at Huwlindragon) gained his studbook number by winning an award at a UK Field Trial at age 14 months and he works with Golden Eagles as a falconry pointer.
Molly's litter brother Lorenzo has sired two litters and some of his offspring were sold to prestigious shooting Estates & to work at shoots in Europe.

These puppies will live in the heart of the home with household noises/smells and 24 hour human supervision and access to a garden. They will be socialised with children, cats, chickens and ducks. The puppies were wormed at 2 weeks old and will be wormed at 4,6&8 weeks old and are weaning well currently. They will not leave their mother until they are a minimum of 56 days/8 weeks old as in Wales this is the legal minimum age since the Animal Welfare law was ammended on 30/04/15.
We recommend vaccinating at 10-14 weeks of age due to the early vaccination at 6-8 weeks old being linked although not proven to causing illness(epilepsy in GSP's/Labrador's and some other breeds and autoimmune disease in Viszla's for example). The experience a puppy has below the age of 14 weeks stays imprinted on the puppies temperament for life so please think carefully about how you will train and socialise a young puppy before enquiring & protect it from aggressive play/being bullied by aggressive older dogs for example up to the age of 14weeks.