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Liver boy. Available

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at 2 weeks

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Breeder : TYRODAL
Location : Barmouth, Gwynedd
Sire : Caldecacre Secrets and Lies (Health Tested)
Dam : Tyrodal Xtra Factor (Health Tested)
Birth Date : 8th April 2015

Health Tests


For those of whom care about investment put into the future health of Dalmatians, not just the here and now!
Tyrodal is the pioneer kennel for introducing the Normal Uric Acid gene Dalmatians from the USA. ALL other Dalmatians carrie 2 mutated genes for High Uric Acid making them susceptible to forming urate stones. No other breed of dog has lost the normal gene! Much more information on this breed spercific health problem can be found on my website. *It's my dream that one day ALL breeders will breed Dalmatians to be free of their
predisposition to suffer from urate stones and health will be more important than the showring!*
The mother of this litter has the normal gene and Should pass it on to hopefully at least half of her puppies. She is also hip and elbow scored and hearing tested normal. The sire was also hip scored before the mating took place and his X ray plates showed good hips. His score will be uploaded soon as it is back (score now back.. 3/4 as the Xray plates indicated) from the BVA. He is also hearing tested normal..It is imperative that BOTH PARENTS ARE HIP SCORED...There is little use in only one parent hip screened if the other is unknown. 7

We are pro-active in taking the health of Dalmatians VERY seriously. ...
We don't just hearing test, this after all is a basic necessity of breeding Dalmatians. We also invest a great deal of money in.. hip & elbow scoring All our dogs, and do as much health testing as we can, we like to know all we can know about our dogs, this ensures we put the right dog to the right bitch. We don't just say..health is important to us. WE DO THE HEALTH TESTS! Over 40 years in this wonderful breed!
WE ARE DEDICATED BREEDERS Committed to making a healthy future for Dalmatians! We ONLY breed Puppies that have a chance of having the normal Uric Acid gene. We ONLY breed from bilateral hearing parents That are BOTH hip Scored.

Puppies will be house reared on *real* food NOT dog food.
KC registered.
Fully wormed.
Hearing tested.
DNA tested for the normal uric acid gene.

We are well known breeders of Top Winning show and Working Road dog Champions over many years. I am also an International Championship judge.
I am a health screening campaigner and proud of it! I want Dalmatians to have optimum health and not to be associated with genetic disorders.
Our *breeding ethic* goes way beyond that of any club!

* please contact by telephone *
01341 280805.
07584 677148.
I do not sell puppies through emails!

The pups will have a truly International pedigree.. combining the best of British...European and American bloodlines.... *With no inbreeding*