Araxes - Litter of German Shepherd Dog Puppies

VA Etoo aus Wattenscheid SchH 3 FH1

VA Etoo aus Wattenscheid SchH 3 FH1

photo by: U Jani

Puppies at 8 weeks

Puppies at 8 weeks

photo by: John

All puppies have now been sold

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Breeder : Araxes
Location : Ashford, Kent
Sire : Etoo aus Wattenscheid (Health Tested)
Dam : Araxes Cisa (Health Tested)
Birth Date : 23rd August 2014

Health Tests

The sire of the litter, Etoo aus Wattenscheid, is a world ranking dog. Therefore you can find plenty of information and videos about him just by googling his name. He is an outstanding German Shepherd. Etoo was first ranked VA at the World Championships in 2012, again in 2013 and no doubt again this year. Apart from his SchH 3 title Etoo is a qualified tracking (FH1) dog. His ZW score of 76 is excellent.

The dam Cisa is a daughter of the world ranked Ustinov vom Römerland. She is show rated 'SG' or 'very good', she has an IPO 1 title and Körklasse 1. Again you can find plenty of information about Ustinov simply by googling his name. Both Etoo and Cisa fully meet the exacting German standards for breeding which far exceed UK breeding requirements. They have both been breed surveyed in Germany by German judges and achieved the highest level of pass - Class 1 or 'recommended for breeding', TSB pronounced. The mating took place in Germany.

Father: VA1 BSZS Etoo aus Wattenscheid SchH 3 FH1
SZ 2233964
ZW 76 HD & ED Normal
DOB 28/03/2009
Körklasse 1

Mother: SG Araxes Cisa IPO 1
EKC AM 4454601
ZW 94 HD Fast Normal & ED Normal
DOB 31/10/2011
Körklasse 1

Cisa was mated to VA1 BSZS Etoo aus Wattenscheid in Germany in June 2014. The litter was born on 23rd August 2014. There were five male and two female puppies. Deposits were taken on all puppies shortly after they were born.

Cisa is show rated 'very good', she is IPO 1 titled, has a German breed survey class 1 or 'recommended for breeding', TSB pronounced, she is DNA tested and her hip and elbow scores meet the exacting German standards. Cisa's father is VA 3 Ustinov vom Römerland. Ustinov has been a very successful dog having been VA rated at the world championships in Germany over a number of years. Ustinov's own father, Quantum vom Arminius, is himself a renowned VA rated dog having produced world champion Zamp vom Thermodos among other outstanding dogs. Cisa has VA ('excellent select') German dogs in her pedigree at every generation.

Our puppies are only sold to approved homes and the puppies of our litters are usually all sold shortly after they are born. Puppies will be tattooed, vaccinated, wormed, vet checked and come with a contract of sale.

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  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Quenn vom Löher Weg
    • Yada vom Mittelwest
    • Pakros d' Ulmental
    • Buffie aus Wattenscheid
    • Quantum von Arminius
    • Kira von Lacroz
    • Hutch Von Der Kalten Hardt
    • Wera Vom Team Fiemereck
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Uran vom Moorbeck
    • Elsa vom Kuckucksland
    • Stano vom Hasenborn
    • Pia von der Zenteiche
    • Bax von der Luisenstraße
    • Karma vom Ochsentor
    • Esko vom Dänischen Hof
    • Ilka vom Baaker-Tal
    • Dux della Valcuvia
    • Only vom Wutachtal
    • Quarz vom Thermodos
    • Isabella vom Römerland
    • Karn Vom Fegelhof
    • Chuckie Vom Schloß Laer
    • Vegas Du Haut Mansard
    • Tamara Vom Team Fiemereck