Borderpride - Litter of Border Collie Puppies

Bitch Puppy

Bitch Puppy "Puzzle" 6.5 weeks

photo by: Borderpride Border Collies

Puppies 4 weeks

Puppies 4 weeks

photo by: Borderpride Border Collies

Typical Borderpride Puppies

Typical Borderpride Puppies

photo by: Borderpride Border Collies

All puppies have now been sold

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Breeder : Borderpride
Location : Swadlincote, Derbyshire
Sire : Borderpride Keep The Spirit (Health Tested)
Dam : Borderpride Just A Love (Health Tested)
Birth Date : 2nd July 2014

Health Tests

  • Borderpride Keep The Spirit
    • Hip Score : 5 : 8 =13 - 13th June 2013
    • CEA-CH : Hereditary Clear - 9th October 2010
  • Borderpride Just A Love
    • Hip Score : 7/9 = 16 - 19th June 2013
    • CL : Hereditary Clear - 17th January 2010
    • CEA-CH : Hereditary Clear - 17th January 2010

*~* KC Assured Breeder (Inspected) *~*

First & foremost my puppies are bred for health, temperament & to be "Fit for Function".

**16.10.14 - Due to personal reasons I've had to make a *very* difficult decision - I now have my truly beautiful, bitch puppy "Puzzle" available to the right home. Only experienced, genuine & serious enquiries only**

PLEASE read ALL of the following carefully before contacting me (I appreciate it may seem long - please note, single line enquiries are automatically deleted)

Zac & Rosie have produced the most gorgeous litter of puppies; 4 boy's & 4 girl's, all black & white, classically marked & absolutely gorgeous!! This litter has been a long time awaited but oh so worth it!!

The puppies are;
Kennel Club registered
Genetically Normal/Clear for CEA/CL/TNS
Litter Eye Screened & Health Checked
BAER Hearing Tested
Naturally Reared (read below)
Wormed counted
Microchipped & registered with PetLog
Provided with 4 week's free Petplan Insurance
Sent to their new homes with a very full & comprehensive puppy pack which includes a Contract of Sale plus a minimum of 2 weeks worth of food.

Both parent's are fully health screened, both are genetically DNA Clear/Normal for CEA/CL/TNS, have breed average hip score's or below & current eye test certificates.

These puppies will be suitable for the show ring, obedience*, agility*, flyball*, Cani-X*, HTM*, herding* or search & rescue as well as very active pets - (* = whether competitive or not!). These puppies are not suitable for first time dog owners & will only be placed in experienced dog homes. Like all Border Collies these puppies will be high drive & are sure to excel in everything they do. Although they'll make super companions, they're not suited to a life on the sofa (unless worn out at the end of a busy day!!)!!

My puppies are born in my bedroom & lovingly reared in my home where they get used to all of the familiar sights & sounds of every day life with daily handling from birth with of course lots of love & cuddles. Once the puppies open their ear's I begin to play the Scary Sounds CD every day which has an assortment of sounds from fireworks & thunder storms to various traffic sounds. The puppies are socialised with my other dog's & my Siamese cat (who loves to play with puppies!!). The puppies are socialised with children thanks to my neighbours. Due to where I live the puppies also often get to meet cows, sheep, goats & chickens. The puppies also have regular trips out in the car to get them used to travelling.

My puppies are weaned & reared onto a natural / raw / BARF (Bones And Raw Food) diet. I also try to avoid the use of un-necessary chemicals & as part of that the puppies along with Rosie will have their poo sent for worm counting. (Certificates & further info will be included in the health section of the puppy packs). Along with the adults, once weaning begins the puppies will be given Diotamaceous Earth which among many other things is a natural wormer (it has *lots* of other uses).

I encourage prospective new owners to research natural rearing including natural feeding/the BARF diet in advance with preference given to those who will continue with the diet ~ it's really very very easy & the healthiest, most natural diet you can feed!! (more than 95% of Borderpride owner's have continued this way of feeding & will testify at how easy it is!! (I recommend reading "Honey's Natural Feeding Handbook" - available from Honey's Real Dog Food - a copy is given to all new owners - there are also lots of natural/raw feeding groups on Facebook & the internet). Remember, dog's are carnivores & in the wild most certainly wouldn't graze the grain fields!! (Although dog's have evolved over time to give us all the various breed's, their digestive system certainly hasn't changed!!). As well as plenty of food to start new owners off, I offer full help & back up on everything for the whole life of the puppy.

If you're interested in one of my very precious puppies then please email me in the first instance telling me about yourself, your family including any children (or plans for any), any working commitments, your home life, garden, your understanding & experience of the Border Collie as a breed, whether you have any other pets & the sort of life you can offer one of my very precious puppies. Please be aware that I have very strict criteria when it comes to placing my puppies & prefer that they go into experienced, active/dog sports homes. If you've never owned a dog before, have young children (under 10) or work normal full-time hours then it's very unlikely that I will allow you to have one of my precious puppies.

I've been told again recently that some people think that I'm too fussy & ask too many questions when it comes to rehoming my puppies!! I make NO apologies for this as like my other dog's, my puppies are *extremely* precious to me & I'd rather keep one back a bit longer & be totally happy with where they're going than just take the money & wave goodbye!!

**I offer lifetime back up & support for my puppy owner's**

I recommend that you fully read the "Puppies" page on my website which is a little more extensive than here;

Please note that single line enquiries will be deleted!! If you don't have the time to send me all of the information I ask for then you can't possibly have time for a puppy!!

**Please note that having a litter of puppies is very time consuming which means I don't always get online everyday. If you don't receive a reply to your email within 2-3 day's then please call me.**