Highhouse Labradors - Litter of Labrador Retriever Puppies

Grangemead Cannon at Highhouse

Grangemead Cannon at Highhouse

photo by: Highhouse Labradors

Highhouse Seil

Highhouse Seil

photo by: Highhouse Labradors



photo by: Highouse Labradors

All puppies have now been sold

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Breeder : Highhouse Labradors
Location : Kendal, Cumbria
Sire : Grangemead Cannon at Highhouse (Health Tested)
Dam : Highhouse Seil (Health Tested)
Birth Date : 29th May 2014

Health Tests

  • Grangemead Cannon at Highhouse
  • Highhouse Seil
    • MCD : n/n clear - 20th July 2016
    • Elbow Score : 0 - 27th March 2013
    • Hip Score : 4/4 = 8 - 27th March 2013
    • CNM : Hereditary Clear - 7th May 2011
    • EIC : Hereditary Clear - 7th May 2011

Cairn (Grangemead Cannon at Highhouse) is our chocolate stud dog with hips of 4/2, elbows 0, and Seil is 4/4 with 0 elbows. Both of the parents are prcd/PRA CNM, EIC and narcolepsy clear. Both have current clear BVA Eye Tests.

The pups will be micro chipped and will come with a puppy pack, homing notes and training guides. We will back up the pup for life and we can guarantee the puppy will not develop the Labrador diseases we genetically test for.

Both are super athletic dogs who are eager to please, and spend time as house dogs with us. They have lovely temperaments and love people. They are both enthusiastic out of doors.

Seil is homebred, her sire is a working dog, and her dam is from a long line of working chocolates. Hence she is very clever and willing.

Cairn is from a long line of black and yellow field trailing and working gundogs. Therefore he is very much a working dog rather than a chocolate show dog.

This is Seil's first litter and she has taken brilliantly to motherhood. She has had 3 chocolate dog puppies, 5 chocolate bitches, and 3 yellow bitches. We knew he carries yellow in his genes, but we didn't know if Seil did. We now do!

The pups will stay in the house for at least 4 weeks, in the heart of the home. When they become disgusting (they actually do...) we will move them out into the puppy house with their mother. Once they are robust enough, we can give them the day time play area in the stable or an outdoor pen. They will still sleep in the warmth of the puppy house at night.

We follow worming protocol for the puppies as we do with Seil.

Our pups will be well socialised and will spend time with us humans as well as playing and learning new things.

For a full description of our upbringing and puppy backup, see the Puppy Buyers Guide on our own website.

We have bookings already for this litter, but we still have 1 chocolate dog and 1 chocolate bitch available. (This paragraph goes out of date very quickly!)

If you are interested, please contact us. Every so often, someone who has booked has to drop out, so there is always a possibility that one will become available again to someone who has already told us they are interested.