WALDBURG - Litter of German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies

Waldburg Mercury

Waldburg Mercury

photo by: Waldburg

Waldburg Sirius

Waldburg Sirius

photo by: Waldburg

Mercury and Sirius

Mercury and Sirius

photo by: Waldburg

All puppies have now been sold

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Breeder : WALDBURG
Location : Aberystwyth, Ceredigion
Sire : Rudrypark Tom Sawyer at Huwlindragon
Dam : Wildbach Black Spellbinder (Health Tested)
Birth Date : 26th May 2014

Health Tests

  • Wildbach Black Spellbinder

9 puppies born 26-5-14
5 dogs...4 solid black...1 B&W
4 bitches...2 solid black...2 B&W

still for sale...Sirius and Mercury.

The pups have been micro chipped and are fully vaccinated now.
They have also been wormed regularly from 2 wks old, with no sign of worms!

The pups are lead and house trained and going places for socialisation.

They are also trained to leave sheep alone!

Sirius and Mercury come indoors and live with Star and Sol to learn 'house rules'...they are soon settled and are a pleasure to have being such gentle natured and biddable pups!
They all sleep in the lounge at night and 'ask' to go out if they need to do their business during the night.

Temperament is paramount for my breeding, secondly conformation.

This fine litter of 9 puppies has outstanding temperament and conformation.
The B&W dog puppy Hercules has gone to a home with an 8 mth old baby and has bonded as her guardian already!
Andromeda has gone to a lovely working home on a Scottish Estate near Kelso.

While taking them all for a run in the field, they have shown their natural working instincts by following scent trails laid and pointing dead birds and rabbits! They were happy to go straight across the stream then run up through the deeper puddles as we walked up the river bed to cool off during the hot weather!

Both parents are exceptionally kind natured family members.
Having grown up with and known many of my Mother's (Ann Spoors-Birkenwald) German Imports in the puppy's pedigree, I can personally vouch for their characters and temperaments too...I'm sure there are not many people who can say they have personally known so many dogs of different bloodlines in a pup's heritage!

Morgan has a strong boned compact frame, deep chest, with good neck and shoulders, complementing Star's elegant well boned conformation. Both have a good clean head and essential dark eyes.

Intelligence and natural working instincts abound in these puppies...both from their parents and from their excellent working bloodlines, not only from Germany but the UK and USA.
Sol the solid black bitch we're keeping, learnt to sit for her meals at 6 weeks old and recalled to the whistle...gave paw at 7 weeks and at 8 weeks old learnt the 'down' position. She also was doing a fine 'show stand' by then too! She now walks to heel on a loose lead or free and sits straight away without command when we stop!

With active and intelligent minds like this, we will only be letting puppies go to knowledgeable homes, where the puppy will grow up as part of the family with an active, stimulating lifestyle.

The pups have not been docked or had their dew claws removed.

Star has her own fb page...Waldburg-GSP


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Birkenwald Elk
    • Birkenwald Anya
    • Codies Kipper
    • Czolkins Witch Craft
    • KS CH Birkenwald Rolf
    • KS CH Ella vd Madlage
    • Birkenwald Lamoss vom Herbstmond
    • Wildbach Candide
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • KS Dolf v Wittekind
    • Waldburg Olga JW
    • KS Dolf v Wittekind
    • Birkenwald Karli
    • Nuash Dances with Wolves
    • Hockfeld Amere
    • Birkenwald Nicco
    • Little Black Number
    • KS CH Nic vom Pottsiepen
    • KS CH Wallie vom Otterbach
    • Pax von der Wenge
    • KS CH Bonny vd Madlage
    • Birkenwald Jedd
    • Birkenwald Anya
    • Isara Kurzhaar Deer Hunter JW
    • Wildbach Oklahoma