Parhelis - Litter of Weimaraner Puppies

6 week-old puppy

6 week-old puppy

photo by: Sally Morgan

Spice on the grouse moor

Spice on the grouse moor

photo by: Neale Blackburn

Fade (Madreliaths Rommel)

Fade (Madreliaths Rommel)

photo by: Marcus Morgan

All puppies have now been sold

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Breeder : Parhelis
Location : Templecombe, Somerset
Sire : Madreliath'S Rommel for Parhelis
Dam : Parhelis Spice Eyes (Health Tested)
Birth Date : 12th November 2013

Health Tests

  • Parhelis Spice Eyes

Just two dog puppies left from this litter.

This is Spice's first litter. She is of medium size, has a beautiful silver-grey colour and loving temperament. She was shown as a youngster, coming second in a huge working gundog class at Crufts in both 2012 and 2013. Her father is the highly successful show dog, ShCh Ansona Gamekeeper at Aarranz, aka Logan

The litter was sired by Madreliaths Rommel (Fade), a moderately-sized, six-year-old dog. He has sired two litters, from which we kept a dog puppy, Parhelis Duke Leto who we show and work. Having seen the puppies from his litters mature into lovely dogs with great temperaments, we were delighted to be able to use him again and will be keeping a puppy from the litter. Both parents are pretty laid-back, easy-going dogs that are great to have around the house. Prospective puppy owners can see both parents, a grandmother and great grandmother of the litter.

As a breeder I put particular emphasis on longeavity as an indicator of genetic fitness. Spice comes from a line of healthy, long-lived dogs. Spice's mother, Alia is 9 years old, father Logan is 10 years old, grandmother Arwen is 12.5 years old, grandfather Ezra (Risinglark Illusion) lived to 13.5 as did her great grand mother (Radmillane Royal Affair) and her gt gt grand mother (Radmillane Fantasia)

For us the most important aspect of having a litter is finding the right puppy owners. We are never in a rush to sell our pups, having the space to run them on for as long as necessary.

Having been a member of the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain since 1983, we follow the Club's strict code of conduct. More can be found about the Club's code of conduct and criteria when buying a pup on the Club's website (
We include one year's membership of the WCGB in our puppy pack. In addition, to support the invaluable work done by the Club's rescue service, we donate 50 for each pup that we sell.

Training a Weimaraner is vitally important and a lack of training is often the cause of an owner wanting to rehome their dog. Therefore we strongly recommend that our puppy owners take their pup to training classes, either puppy, obedience, ringcraft, or local gundog classes. In recognition of this commitment once the pup has completed a puppy training course, or has attended at least six gundog or obedience classes, we refund 50 to cover the costs of the classes (subject to a signed letter from the trainer).

Our puppy pack comprises KC registration papers with 5 generation pedigree, diet sheet and worming record, 4 weeks' worth of Nature's Menu puppyfood, 4 weeks free insurance from Petplan, comprehensive guidance and training notes, puppy dummy and whistle, one year's membership of the WCGB, and a copy of Joan Donaldson's book Culture Clash for first time Weimaraner owners.

The KC registration document will be endorsed so that any progeny from the dog will not be eligible for KC registration. However, we can lift the endorsement in the future if an owner wants to breed from their dog and has consulted us regarding the mating.

We like our puppy owners to keep in touch, let us know how they are getting on and send us photos. Our 'support line' is always available, whatever the age of the dog.

If you are interested in one of our pups please call and have a chat and talk dogs (01963 371681 evenings are best)or drop us an email. Equally we are happy to put you in touch with somebody who has had a puppy from one of our previous litters.