Sonbisegarry - Litter of Labrador Retriever Puppies

Misty on  hot day in the garden

Misty on hot day in the garden

photo by: Sonia Field

A puppy from a previous litter

A puppy from a previous litter

photo by: Sonia Field

All puppies have now been sold

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Breeder : Sonbisegarry
Location : halstead, Essex
Sire : Lightbriniger One Fine Day (Health Tested)
Dam : lovely misty morning (Health Tested)
Birth Date : 8th November 2012

Health Tests


Chocolate Labrador Puppies from an Assured KC Breeder. Lovely Misty Morning, (Misty), our very special pet, had her second litter of pups 7th November 2012, sired by Lightbringer One Fine Day
Due to previous buyers change of circumstances we now have one boy left to offer. (Bailey). Bailey is kept as an active working dog that is also lives indoors as a pet. Both have the typical lovely Labrador characteristics and will suitable for either pets or working dogs, plus Bailey also qualified for Crufts 2010. DAME, Lovely Misty Morning (Misty) Hips 3/6, Elbows 0/0, Central Nuclear Myopathy (CNM) clear 30/11/2011 Narcolepsy Clear 6/12/2011 Clear eye certificate, 17/11/2011. SIRE,

Lightbringer One Fine Day (Bailey) Hips 3/3, Elbows 0/0, Central Nuclear Myopathy (CNM) 9/7/2008 prcd, Progressive Rental Atrophy (PRA), Optigen clear 1/8/2008 Exercise Induced Collapse, (EIC) clear 22/9/2009 Clear eye certificate 8/7/2012 From the above tests you can be reassured that no puppy will develop any of the above genetically hereditary diseases (CNM, EIC and PRA) which are not only life limiting but cause both the dog and owner much distress and pain, and are also every expensive to treat. The other tests are an indicator of possible problems but as both parents (and grandparents) have excellent below average base line scores the incidence of any puppies developing difficulties in these areas are greatly reduced. However, as in any breed, no absolute guarantees can be made but you can be assured all possible tests have been undertaken to assure the best possible responsible breeding. As the breeder I am totally committed to breeding pups that are free from preventable (by appropriate testing and responsible breeding) inherited diseases. As a new owner of one of my pups you can be reassured nothing has been left to chance. All pups will be KC registered and will be wormed with Drontal from 2 weeks of age, come with 6 weeks insurance, supply of usual food, all advice and support to help you understand your pup&146;s needs and the transition from his / her litter mates and mum to its new home. Puppies will be vet checked and have first injections before they leave to go to their new homes aged 8 weeks old. Puppies will be home reared. The first 4 weeks are spent in our study and then they will be weaned from mum. At this point they will have their own home in the garden, with more space to grow, play and develop. This is a crucial stage of development for them. At this point toilet training begins, and with lots of pups it is non-stop! I use my own system to do this which is clean, hygienic and relatively cheap. I undertake this as it is important this is started as early as possible. This also reduces the stress on the new owners and enables you to enjoy you pup with less anxiety about puddles everywhere (you will still get a few!). We will share this training method with you so you can transfer it to your own environment. At this stage their claws grow incredibly quickly and we will show you how to clip them safely before you take your puppy home. Early socialisation is very important so you get a well adjusted puppy. To this end we spend all our time handling the pups and playing with them. Not just because we enjoy this, which we do, but because they need this to be become accustomed to being handled by humans so they are not afraid. We also have another older puppy, grandma and great uncle, so they will be used to other dogs. And not to forget our cat who will see his first litter of puppies! Our pups health and well being are very important to us, so any prospective new family will be asked lots of questions...please don't be offended, we just want the best for them and to be reassured you are making the right (informed) decision to have one of our puppies. We take all necessary measures to breed and rear the healthiest pups possible. This ensures you get a wonderful pet that will no doubt become your loyal friend and play mate, but you need to carry on where we leave off. If you feel you could meet one of our pups needs and give it a loving and caring home with the necessary time to walk it and keep it company, please do contact us to arrange to come and see them( once they are born of course). Once a deposit is paid we actively encourage new families to come and see pups as often as they are able to do so to facilitate early bonding. Additionally, this offers you reassurance that your new pups is being cared for appropriately. If distance stops you doing this then weekly pictures will be sent to you, plus as many calls to us as you wish to make. Finally, pups will not leave us without a `comfort blanket` which has the scent of their litter mates and mum on it plus a dog appeasing pheromones (DAP) collar. These together help relieve any separation anxiety and stress caused by its journey and change of environment. We are happy to accommodate any holiday periods, both now and in the future. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions what so ever.Thier is no such thing as a daft question as I too was once a first time owner of a puppy!

NB Our pups will be reared on a BARF( bonens and raw food) diet. I understand this will not be every ones choice and Iam more than happy to advise you how to manage the diet change over before you take your puppy home.Or if this is concern for you I can do it for you before you take puppy home.