Jamniska - Litter of German Shepherd Dog Puppies

Ingodds Agassi

Ingodds Agassi

Ingodds Agassi

Ingodds Agassi

Jamniska W litter - just a few hours old

Jamniska W litter - just a few hours old

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Breeder : Jamniska
Location : bolton, lancs
Sire : Ingodds Agassi
Dam : Laviva v d Wilhelmswarte (Health Tested)
Birth Date : 11th March 2012

Health Tests

  • Laviva v d Wilhelmswarte

LITTER BORN 09/03/12

Ingodds Agassi X Laviva v d Wilhelmswarte

Ingodds Agassi -
VA5 BSZS 2008
VA1 Norway
VA1 Sweden
Sch H3
HD Normal
ED Normal
DNA Gepruft

Laviva v d Wilhelmswarte (litter sister to Luca BSZS SG3 and 2 x V1)

For more information and pictures of ths litter and previous litters visit www.dinuragsd.com

Ingodds Agassi BSZS 2008 Critique
He is a big,strong and substantial, very markedly expressive dog with powerful, very well shaped head, dry and firm with high wither, straight back and a long well angled croup. He has a powerful, well angled hind quarter with firm hocks.Good forehand angulation with well balanced brisket proportions and a clean front. Moving soundly he demonstrates a very dynamic fluent harmonious gait with powerful hindthrust and free front reach. The second progeny group did not reach the numbers entered in the previous year but here one should take into account limited breeding use. A positive feature is that over 50% of his progeny achieved high V gradings in the adult classes. With very distant line breeding in the fifth generation and being free from further extensively used bloodlines he is offered as a compensatory partner for the widening of the bloodline base. Superb results in the TSB test (TOP 16)

For details and pictures of the type and quality to expect from this mating check out the Jamniska V litter. Balko v Gleisenauer Schloss x Lima v d Wilhelmswarte (full sister to Laviva)
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  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Ghandi von Arlett
    • N S U CH Ingodds Nodessa
    • Ando v d Wilhelmswarte
    • Ina v Frankenberger Rathaus
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Ursus von Batu
    • Wendrina von der Kahler Heide
    • Untox von Ducati
    • Ingodds Hollis
    • Vegas du Haut Mansard
    • Ulli v Arminius
    • Uran v Moorbeck
    • Eilyn v d Grotte
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Hobby vom Gletschertopf
    • Verena von Batu
    • Nicco von Arlett
    • Gugia von der Kahler Heide
    • Xandor von Tronje
    • Joska von Ducati
    • Bravos vom Stefeen Haus (USA)
    • NKK INT NU CH Ingodds Azisse
    • Pakros d`Ulmental
    • Rangoon du Haut Mansard
    • Nero v Nobachtal
    • Priscsa del Lagorai
    • Ursus v Batu
    • Vina v Moorbeck
    • Scott v Deodatus
    • Xanni v d Grotte