Esshesdown - Litter of German Wirehaired Pointer Puppies

Sire: Trudvang Gyldenborste at Gyldearn

Sire: Trudvang Gyldenborste at Gyldearn

Dam: Esshesdown High Park

Dam: Esshesdown High Park

All puppies have now been sold

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Breeder : Esshesdown
Location : Crowborough, East Sussex
Sire : Trudvang Gyldenborste at Gyldearn (Health Tested)
Dam : Esshesdown High Park (Health Tested)
Birth Date : 11th September 2011

Health Tests

Due early September: exceptional litter of working-bred German wirehaired pointers. Confidently expected to be good-looking pups with a strong working instinct. Litter combines bloodlines from the top UK working kennels. The dam is a field-trial winner from a long line of FTWs and FTAWs. The sire is out of a FTW and full sib to two other FTWs.

Both parents are hip-scored and vWD negative.

The pups will be legally docked.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Kragborg Mako of Trudvang (Imp Dk)
    • Annaleze Annais of Trudvang FTW
    • Rolfe Hairy Face FTAW
    • Castlegarnstone Kibo at Esshesdown FTW
  • Great Grand Parents
    • DKJCH Kragborg Graff
    • Egemosens Easy
    • The Complete Viking FTW
    • Inverwire Lui
    • The Complete Viking FTW
    • Carseknowe Alto
    • Ben Bellavue
    • Braithwaite Just the Ticket at Castlegarnstone FTW
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • SWE CH Primens Ceasar
    • DKJCh Pimens Fia
    • DKCH Vallumsoens Rass
    • Tanja
    • Hjortlands Louis
    • Havreballegaard Luna (Imp)
    • SH CH Inostricani Ice Baron
    • Normbar Back To The Future at Inverwire
    • Hjortlund's Louis
    • Havreballegaard Luna (Imp)
    • Wiggmansburg Audubon FTW
    • Covert Bee Bee FTW
    • Braithwaite Hob Nob
    • Kenue George
    • Wiggmansburg Cameroon
    • Tickencote Seven Wonders of Braithwaite