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Sire : Witch craft
Dam : Castilians So Irisistable
Birth Date : 9th June 2010


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Castilians Rockabilly Rebel
    • Castilians Sweet Pea
    • Castilians the sorceror
    • Castilians oops i did it agin
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Castilians The Sorceror
    • Casamays Prudence for Castilians
    • Casamays Some like it hot
    • Casamays Bobbys girl
    • Castilians Heir of Magic
    • Casamays Organza
    • Casamays Some Like It Hot
    • Casamays Bobbys Girl
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Castilians Heir of Magic
    • Casamays Organza
    • Castilians Hrir of Magic
    • Cedarhythe Red Hot Ember at Casamays
    • Ch Cedarhythe Into The Red
    • Namiro Strike a Pose at Sharmiro
    • Cedarhythe Owzthat for Casamays
    • Castilians Bobbisox Revival for Casamays
    • Cedarhythe Myth N Magic At Casamays
    • Castilians Lady Blue
    • Tsang Tzu Out Of The Red From Casamays
    • Sealaw Over The Rainbow To Cedarhythe
    • Ch Cedarhythe Hot Off The Press
    • NamiroStrike A PoseAt Sharmiro
    • Cedarhythe Owzthat For Casamays
    • Castilians Bobbisox Revival For Casamays