Bartok - Litter of Border Collie Puppies

Team siesta at 3 weeks

Team siesta at 3 weeks

photo by: JB and AD

One of the girls watching..........

One of the girls watching..........

photo by: JB and AD

one of the boys on a mission (at nearly 7 weeks)

one of the boys on a mission (at nearly 7 weeks)

photo by: JB and AD

All puppies have now been sold

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Breeder : Bartok
Location : Heathfield, East Sussex
Sire : Beesting Jools Holland
Dam : Bartok Tristar Field Lily (Health Tested)
Birth Date : 24th April 2009

Health Tests

  • Beesting Jools Holland
    • Hip Score : 3/7 = 10 - 17th February 2009
    • CEA-CH : Hereditary Clear - 13th March 2007
  • Bartok Tristar Field Lily

A beautiful tri girl available. Classically marked and very nicely constructed.

Cassie ( mum) is a Black/white tricolour and the sire,Brian is a slate sable.

Both parents have lovely temperaments and have all the necessary health certification.

Cassie has a hip score of 8/6 and a recent,clear eye test certificate including gonioscopy and she is goniodysgenesis unaffected. Cassie's sire and dam are also goniodysgenesis unaffected.
Cassie is genetically normal by parentage for TNS, CL and CEA.

Brian has a hip score of 3/7 and also has a recent clear eyetest certificate including gonioscopy. He is unaffected by goniodysgenesis.
Brian is also TNS,CL and CEA genetically normal.

The puppies will be reared in the home and be well socialised. They will be KC registered . They (and mum) will be wormed and they will have an eye check at 6 weeks-we know they cannot be CEA affected because they are genetically normal but I still have an eye check done.

13th May 2009

Puppies continue to thrive and Cassie is coping well with their incessant ( so it seems) demands for feeding. I'm going to start gently weaning them at the weekend. They will start on baby rice mixed with formula milk.

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please take the time to read about the mating/pedigree and the details of the health testing of sire and dam. Also, please take the time to write a proper letter of enquiry including details of any previous experience with dogs, lifestyle and work/family commitments. I will no longer reply to 'oneliners' .

26th May

Puppies are now on 3 meals a day in addition to milkbar. They are really growing fast and becoming increasingly mobile and vocal. Mum is looking very well and feels she can leave them and go out to play with the other guys here. They are trying to escape from the whelping box which means they'll be moving into the pen in the living room within the next couple of days . If the weather is fine ,they'll also spend time in the garden where we've got puppy pens ready for them.

8th June

Puppies are growing well and continue to thrive. They are really into toys now and have been outdoors all day during the fine weather.
They are eating 4 meals a day plus milk bar when mum can be bothered! They all think grandpa (Tag)is Mr Grumpy-he won't allow them to climb up him and chew his tail !

We have a beautiful tri girl available. She was my first choice but circumstances here mean that we will be too busy this summer to give her the attention a young puppy requires.

If you are interested, email details about yourself, experience with dogs etc. Alternatively, please telephone. She is fully vaccinated and wormed and has a lovely outgoing temperament.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Meleswood Rather Special
    • Beesting Lilo Lil
    • Andslyn Ruby Lad at Bartok
    • Fernhaven Double Delight at Bartok
  • Great Grand Parents
    • SHCH IRCH Beesting Orlando
    • Beesting Pop Idol at Meleswood
    • SHCH IRCH Beesting Orlando
    • Beesting Starlight
    • Blackrobin Highlander
    • Romellva Pure Colour
    • Bordertown Dimonz Forever
    • Fernhaven Theme For A Dream
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • CH Clan AbbyNZ Carolyns Dylan
    • Beesting Rogans Rock Gift
    • Beesting Red Skelton
    • SHCH Beesting Rogans Rock Gift
    • CH Clan Abby NZ Carolyns Dylan
    • Beesting Rogans Rock Gift
    • SHCH Tonkory Palmerston at Fayken
    • Llanrose Alisons Lady
    • CH Spot ISDS 16119
    • Lethans Twice As Nice
    • Romellva Pure Water
    • Romellva Missus Serious
    • Blacdimonz Triton From Mobella
    • Mobella Rosalee From Bordertown
    • Blackdimonz Triton From Mobella
    • Tomazine Gem From Fernhaven