Champdogs - Terms and Conditions of Membership

All Champdogs Members Must Agree to the following Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Membership

  • Champdogs membership is open to non-commercial dog breeders and owners. We do not accept membership applications from commercial breeders or puppy dealers.
  • We expect all breeders on Champdogs to adhere to the relevant breed society/club ethics and expect all the appropriate health checks for their breed to be performed.
  • No dog or bitch owned by any member shall be mated with any other breed or with unregistered stock. Breeders found to carry out this practice will be removed. Exception: At times the KC grants permission for the inter-breeding of pedigree dogs in set circumstances.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or terminate membership of any breeder found to not be acting in the best interests of their dogs. In particular any breeder found to be breeding from an underage bitch or having two litters from the same bitch within an 11 month period will be removed.
  • Any breeder who knowingly breeds from a dog with unacceptable health test results will be removed.
  • Any breeder who deliberately breeds to produce non-standard colours will be removed.
  • Champdogs considers the current Kennel Club age limit of 12 months far too young for a bitch to be bred from. We apply a minimum age limit at the date of whelping of 18 months for toy breeds and 24 months for all other breeds unless the relevant national breed club stipulates a different age.
  • We will not list a litter where the sire of the litter is aged under 12 months at the time of mating.
  • Bitches will not produce more than 4 litters in total nor will be bred from after they have reached 8 years of age.
  • We expect all members to offer support and guidance to their puppy purchasers throughout the lifetime of the dog.
  • Important Note : The Affix field may only be be used for a single registered National Kennel Club Affix. This may optionally be followed by your breed. eg. Myatuk Alaskan Malamutes. Your affix will be verified with the Kennel Club before your details are published on the site. If you do not have a recognised affix then the affix the field must be left blank.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure a valid email address is provided in your records. Members who do not maintain a valid email address will have their membership cancelled and their details removed.
  • Multiple sign-ups by a single person are prohibited. If you have forgotten your id and password please contact us and do not join again. Where a person has joined multiple times ALL their listings will be removed.
  • All members must list their surname, include a full postal address and phone number, and must display some visible contact details.
  • The website listed in your records must be your own non-commercial dog related website.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all information listed on your pages is accurate and true.
  • Members may not use their "Website Link Text" for advertising slogans.
  • All breeders must register all of their litters with the appropriate national kennel club.

County Computer Consultants reserve the right to refuse an application for membership and to terminate membership without being obliged to give reasons or explanation

Additional Terms and Conditions for Advanced Members

  • All pictures and text on your pages must be relevant to dogs you own and reside with you.
  • Animals held in joint ownership, must appear on the account of the person they reside with.
  • You may refer to previous and forthcoming litters on your main page, but the details of all litters must be entered on the Litter Register.
  • The litter register is provided to list details of litters you own and have whelped yourself. You are not allowed to add details of friend's litters or puppies your stud dog may have sired. All litters must be whelped at and sold from the registered owner's home address.
  • All breeders who add a litter to the register must complete the KC breed register numbers of the Sire and Dam of the litter, as well as the KC breed register numbers of the puppies once they are registered. Litters will not be made visible to the public until this information is available and has been verified. A full and accurate pedigree must be supplied for all litters listed on Champdogs.
  • You may only list puppies for sale whose coat colour is listed as an acceptable colour for registration by the Kennel Club. The colour of all puppies listed on Champdogs must be described accurately and in line with the colour listed on their KC registration documents. In addition we will not accept any litters on Champdogs for which either parent is registered as "Colour Not Recognised By KC" nor will we accept any litter which, in our opinion, has been bred with the intention of producing puppies of an un-recognised colour.
  • Accidental matings do happen. However no member of Champdogs will be allowed to list a litter which has been bred from an underage bitch or that breaks any of our other rules.
  • Once a litter has been added to Champdogs, it may only be removed under exceptional circumstances, eg. for a phantom pregnancy. If this occurs please email admin as soon as possible.
  • In order to assist in keeping the information on the litter register current, please update the "litter status" in a timely manner. Failure to do so, will result in the litter being automatically marked as all sold and may result in your subsequent litters not being listed. If you wish a litter to be re-activated after it has been marked as all sold please contact us. Breeders whom routinely leave "sold" litters open, will find their membership is not renewed.
  • Your account may not be used for the sale or re-homing of older stock.
  • Dogs must be at least 18 months old before they can be added to the stud dog register.
  • Only dogs whose coat colour is listed as an acceptable colour for registration by the Kennel Club may be added to the stud dog register. In addition we will not list a stud dog which, in our opinion, is being used with the intention of producing puppies of an un-recognised colour.
  • Stud dog owners must disclose the results of all health tests to the bitch owner prior to mating. In addition if their dog is a carrier or affected by a condition for which there is a DNA test available they must ensure the bitch has been tested clear of the condition prior to mating.
  • The Bred Here section may be used to list a maximum of 20 dogs you have bred but no longer own. You must however have the current dog owner's consent. You may not use these pages to make advertisements of any kind.
  • All other dogs listed must be owned and reside with you. Each dog may only be featured on a single page. A full and accurate pedigree must be supplied for all dogs listed on Champdogs.
  • Breeders must add all health test results for any dog they have listed on Champdogs.

Infringement of any of the terms and conditions listed on this page may result in your records being amended or your membership being cancelled. In such a case no refund of any membership fees may be claimed from County Computer Consultants.

These terms and conditions may be modified as necessary and are retroactive to all members. (Updated 13/03/2017)