Swedish Vallhund

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Swedish Vallhund Breed Description


Swedish Vallhunds were brought back from the brink in 1940 by Count Von Rosen, who travelled round Sweden looking for examples of the breed. The Vallhunds in their native country are used as a all round farm dog mainly herding cattle, they were first imported by Mrs Liz Cartledge in 1974, and were shown under rare breeds,

They are a friendly, alert and intelligent little dog with good temperaments, loyal and loving to their owners, and an ideal family dog.

Height is 11-12inches for bitches 12-13inches for dogs.


Coat should be harsh to the touch with a good undercoat, this is a double coat, although sometimes what is known as fluffies are born this is a long coat.

Coat is easily kept with brushing once a week, unless moulting then they need more frequent brushing to remove dead coat.


Vallhunds come in several colours these being Grey sable, the predominant in the UK, reddish brown, reddish black, and yellow, occasionally blues, biscuit all white and black and white are born ( like a jack russell ).

White is allowed on show dogs as long as it is no more than 30% of total colour, white is allowed on face, chest, kneck and legs.


Vallhunds will be happy with whatever exercise you want to give, they will go for a five mile walk or be happy with a walk in the park. Which makes them ideal for both younger and older generations.


With their love of life attitude, they are good with children, livestock and other dogs. Puppies need plenty of socialisation to bring out their true character.


Easy to train, making good agility and obedience dogs. Several dogs abroad are used for search and rescue.

Quick Questions

Good with Children ?

Yes, although you should never leave a young child alone with any dog.

Escape Artists ?

You do need good fencing.

Health Problems ?

No specific health problems in the breed. Apart from innoculations you rarely need to see your vet.

Cats ?

They are good with cats as long as they are introduced sensibly.

House Training ?

Easy to house train.

Dog or Bitch ?

Unless you specifically want to breed when the bitch is old enough, then a dog is best.

Lifespan ?

The Vallhund in the UK is averaging 14 years although some are living to seventeen or eighteen years.

Swedish Vallhund breed guide written by : Linda Fisher - Linmays

About the author : I have been in the breed since 1978, being a founder member, I am ex Chairman of the Swedish Vallhund Society, now a committee member, I am the breed note writer for dog world also ch. show Judge of Swedish Vallhunds have bred and owned champions as well as other C.C. and reserve C.C. winners my home bred dog Linmays Killean finished the year 2000 as top puppy.