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The Samoyed

Brief History of the Breed

As history show us all dogs are descend from the wolf,and Samoyeds are shown to be one of the four breeds in the first generations, but if they still retain their genetic link with the wolf, a vast amount of time has elapsed because their temperament and character are totally changed.Breeders past and present are responsible for the changes that have and are still taking place.

The breed takes it's name from the nomadic people of Finnic origin known as the Samoyeds.Who lived in northern Russia and were dependent on reindeer for meat for food,the hides for clothing and making their shelter.The dogs were used for herding the reindeer and as guards to warn of wolfs and bears.Also some of the dogs were used to pull sledges but the reindeer were more efficient at this.It's because of this close association with human's that the Samoyed has the ability to "display affection to all mankind".

Late in the nineteenth century some of the polar explorers used Samoyeds as sledge dogs and Nansen the Norwegian explorer discovered the Samoyed to be a Gentle,Loving dog, independently-minded and almost human.! It was around this time that the first Samoyeds came in to England.

General Description

The Samoyed is a medium sized dog measuring 18"- 20" for bitches,20" - 22" for dogs.Males should have a masculine appearance without coarseness and bitches a feminine look without being week in structure.Both should be Graceful but also strong and active.The Samoyed is a very intelligent dog,and if allowed to do something once,then it's acceptable for life !.

"Alert and full of action with smiling expression"Offer a Samoyed a walk just after he's just come in and he will be up and ready to go just as if he's been in all day! The Smiling expression is one of the breeds most endearing characteristics.The smile is obvious when the corners of the mouth curve upwards and this can been see in a puppy from about 8 weeks old.

The Samoyeds temperament is very important as the dog's should show and display affection to all mankind,this come's from the centuries of living in very close proximity to the Samoyed people even in their tents.So the dog trusts all humans and expects friendliness and affection from them.

The Coat of a Samoyed is very eye-catching,the body should be covered in a thick,close,soft undercoat with a harsher hair growing through with silver-tipped ends.Samoyeds are not always pure white some have biscuit or cream shading and this is very important to help retain the harsh quality in the coat.

Finding and buying a puppy

First is this the right dog for you,your family and your lifestyle? Samoyeds make excellent pets,love young children and have a loving and mischievous nature.

Spend some time reading up on the breed, there are 3 good books in print in England at this time:

The Samoyed. Published by The Samoyed Association. ISBN 0 9501914 1 8
All About The Samoyed. by Beryl & Geoff Grounds. Published by Kingdom books ISBN 185279085-7
The Samoyed Today. by Pam Taylor. Published by Ringpress ISBN 1 86054 147 X

Next find a small private breeder,as any good breeder who has the breed at heart would be doing their best to produce quality puppies and will make sure that they secure happy and loving homes for they puppies.Breeders name's can be obtain from the secretaries of one of the 4 breed clubs in England or from the Kennel Club.The four clubs in England are:

The British Samoyed Club
The Northern Samoyed Society
The Samoyed Association
The Samoyed Breeders & Owners League

Next visit the breeder and have a list of any questions that you may have, about the breed and also take advise from the breeder about feeding,training etc.

The puppy will normally be allowed to leave the breeder at about 8 weeks old,and the breeder will advise you on what and how to make your puppy's new home safe and secure and how to cope with any problems.

Samoyed breed guide written by : Gavin Argyle - Elygra Samoyeds

About the author : My name is Gavin Argyle, 44 years old married to Kay for 18 years, with one 10 year old daughter and seven four legged children.We have been Showing and breeding for 8 years.I am a committee member of The Samoyed Breeder's & Owner's League and I sit on the Breed Council for Samoyeds.Also I am Show Manger And Assistant Secretary for the South West Working and Pastoral Breeds Association.I have been Stewarding at Open & Championship Shows for the last 6 years.Also I am on the "B" Judging List for Samoyed Breeders & Owner's League.