Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Pyrenean Mountain Dog picture

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog

One of the most impressive of the giant breeds, a dog of great size and substance, yet should be elegant and very much the gentle giant.

The breed is still used in France for guarding flocks of sheep in the pyrenees, it role, is to mingle unnoticed amongst the flock, and protect it from attack from wolves or bears. This obviously means that the breed has strong guarding instincts and will usually protect its family members extremely well.

Their general nature is definitely of the gentle giant, and they are very much family dogs being good with children, although their size does not make them ideal for very small children. They are quite lazy dogs, and do not require enormous amounts of exercise, enjoying a good family stroll regularly throughout the day and a cosy place amongst the family to rest! As a breed they are not renowned for their intelligence, but they can be trained to basic obedience, its just that their stubborn nature may make them less inclined to act immediately on your request!

A breed of great beauty, mainly white in colour but with some lemon/tan/blaireau (badger colour) on the head and body. The tail is raised over the back when the dog moves and is alert, but standing the tail drops. The head should broad and strong but not coarse, and there should be minimal stop , that is a gently rise from the muzzle to top of the head. Eyes should be almond shaped and set obliquely and the breed should have a far away expression (dreaming of the French mountains), loose eye lids and mouths are not ideal.

As a giant breed growth is very rapid and the young growing pup needs careful attention to diet and exercise to prevent damage to joints during the rapid growth phase, ideally breeding stock should be hip scored.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog breed guide written by : Toni Jackson - Elbereth