Hungarian Puli

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A Brief History of the Hungarian Puli

"A Hungarian Puli is not a dog, it is a Puli"

What then is a Puli?

The Puli is a highly intelligent sheepdog, sought by shepherds, who in years gone by, have reportedly spent a year's pay on a good quality puppy. In Tibetan the word 'puli' means herding or rounding up.

The Hungarian Puli is medium size, nimble, hardly and extremely intelligent. The herding instincts are a reflection on the demands of his working environment, on the Hungarian Plains he would have been in charge of large flocks of sheep. The Puli therefore had to be a forceful and vocal, as well as a companion and a close working herder and a constant to the shepherd

Very often it is the lovely flowing full length corded coat that first attracts people to the breed, seeing the cords streaming and whirling during the extremely agile movement of a Hungarian Puli - is quite a sight, and sometimes even difficult to know if he is coming or going!! His coat is his glory!

In recent years the Hungarian Puli has become just as much at home living in towns and cities, they are extremely adaptable and love companionship. Leaving a Puli at home all day, whilst at work, is not a particularly good idea ... it is possible that the home you return to will not be the same as the one you left!

Grooming the corded coat needs frequent care, this is not a difficult task to undertake so long as the coat is not left to get completely matted.

Floor length coats can take up to five years to grow, so it is important to start insuring that it is 'mat free' from a young age and to also get the Puli used to having baths!

Of shaggy appearance, hairy, with his coat twisted in such a characteristic way. The Puli is one of the oldest breeds of Hungarian sheepdog. His supposed ancestors go so far back that it is difficult to establish for sure, the genealogy.

Dog lovers have put forward many ideas about the origin of the breed. Some tend to go back 3500 to 6000 BC to Persian sheepdogs (a race that has now disappeared). Other supposed ancestors of the Puli were from the ancient shepherd breed from central Asia which the Huns (409 AD) or Culvers brought to Europe (1240).

Hungarian Puli breed guide written by : Sue Hopgood