BAGSD Companion Dog Show with Walcss GSD Rally.

21st August 2005
Aston Edwardian Sports Ground,
Sunnybank Avenue, Perry Common,

Further Information Contact

Tel: 0121 354 5098

Judging from 11.30am Entries from 10.30 - 1.00pm
Breed Judge: Chris Owen

Class 17 Minor Puppy 3-6 months
Class 18 Puppy 6-12 months
Class 19 Junior upto 24 months
Class 20 Adolescent 2-5 years
Class 21 White Long Coat Dog
Class 22 Coloured Long Coat Dog
Class 23 Col Standard Coat Dog
Class 24 White Long Coat Bitch
Class 25 Coloured Long Coat Bitch
Class 26 Coloured Standard Coat Bitch
Class 27 White Standard Coat D/B
Class 28 Best veteran 7 +(special for oldest GSD)
Class 29 Best Brace
Class 30 Open
Best in Rally will now be judged.