Dachshund Club of Wales Sub Group Championship Show

4th February 2001
Rhydycar Leisure Centre
Merthyr Tydfil
Mid. Glam

Further Information Contact

Mrs. C. Geraldine Brace
Tel: 029 20 614339
Email :brace.daxies@ntlworld.com

Entries Close January 2nd 2001

Breeds and Judges
Best in Show Dr. S. Kershaw

Miniature Wire Haired* Mrs. Y Angear

Long Haired* Mrs. S. Goodman

Miniature Long Haired Dogs* Mrs. K. Bethel
Miniature Long Haired Bitches* Mrs. T. Thomas

Smooth Haired &
Min Smooth Haired Mrs. S. Hewart Chambers

Wire Haired Mr. D. Presnail

Veterans Mrs. K. Bethel

Please note * denotes with K.C. Challenge Certificates