1º Monográfica Expo of Retrievers The First Retriever Expo i

21st August 2004
First date : 31 of July
Second date : 10 of August

Further Information Contact

Ana Filipa da Cunha Costeira e Neves
Tel: 964465008
Email :anny.phills@netcabo.pt

Clube Português de Canicultura
Tel :217994790

This is going to be the first Retriever Expo in Portugal.
The quality of the retrievers is going to be tested, evaluated. Bring yours to see who has the best Retrievers in this Expo.

All retrievers may enter, if you any kind of information you can ask me or con call the Retriver Club the Portugal, or the Clube Português de Caniicultura.

Came and help us to show the world what retrievers are like, wonderfull breeds.