UK SUPERDOG TEST 2004 All About Dogs event - 8th/9th May 200

8th May 2004
The Brentwood Centre Showground

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Superdog 2004

Wouldn't it be great to have the title of Superdog

As well as this unique title you could also take home for 1st place a 300 cash prize, a 17" silver challenge cup, and a beautiful commemorative plaque. 2nd place will receive 200 cash prize and a commemorative plaque and 3rd place will receive 100 cash prize and commemorative plaque.

The selection committee have already chosen six dogs and handlers to take part in this prestigious competition. They are now looking to select a
further four competitors.

Do you think you have got a really good all round dog.
If the answer is Yes, then you may be able to compete in the most comprehensive dog test in Europe.

Up to seventeen different exercises in this amazing competition, will test the dog and handler to the limit. Each dog must be working at a very good
standard of obedience, agility and working trial type exercises. Scent ? Hide and Seek ? Specialised Agility ? Specialised Retrieving together with
send-a-ways, speak on command, distance control, obedience, along with other exercises make up this unique competition.

Superdog 2004 is being staged at the hugely successful All About Dogs event to be held on 8th-9th May at The Brentwood Centre Showground, in Essex.

Whilst the Superdog exercises will be testing to both the dog and handler, all competitors will have the opportunity to rehearse some of the more
intricate exercises on Friday 7th May, the day before the competition begins.

Top judges from the Ministry of Defence Police, Obedience and Agility world will have the difficult task of placing the competitors.

With just four places left, if you wish to be considered for this prestigious event please send details of both you and your dog and your
achievements to:

Superdog 2004, 44 High Street, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4AJ

as soon as possible.