Sloughi Seminar

22nd February 2004
Llandrinio Village Hall

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Mrs Maria Goodman
Tel: 01568611609

The Sloughi Club had a seminar on Sunday 22nd February 2004, it was attended by a good number of people mostly sighthound enthusiasts.
The day began with a talk on the breed standard which I gave.
I had sent the standard out to the delegates a few weeks before to give them a chance to study it in their own time, as exams for most people mean pressure, everyone much appreciated this, and felt that when the time came to do the exam they were all quietly confident, one lady in particular who had been to a previous seminar felt much more at ease this time having had a couple of weeks to prepare and said that when I spoke on the standard it was clear and concise bringing to mind what she had studied. I did not go into great detail about the history of the breed as this is well documented elsewhere, only touching briefly on the country of origin, and the reason for the form and function of the breed. I used more than one dog to explain the breed standard as of course colour can alter the perception, a black mantle dog can look very different from a red sand dog at first impression, simply due to the colour one of the main illustrations of this was the sternum which is more noticeable on a sand dog, but not so on a black mantled dog, simply due to the illusion that colour can cause but it was interesting to see when measuring the sternum on two different coloured dogs that they both had the same prominence. So as the talk commenced the delegates had sand, brindle red sand and black mantle dogs to view on the floor.
The next portion of the talk was given by Mr.Ted Goodship who spoke on judging the sighthound and general approach of a sighthound in the ring.
Everyone found this very interesting and we had several sighthound Ch show judges in attendance who agreed with this method when judging sighthounds and felt it was something that non-sighthound judges should take into consideration when judging sighthound breeds, such as not approaching them head on but slightly off to the side.
There was a quick coffee break before the exam began.
The dogs were then assessed by the delegates present, each delegate had to place three dogs in order and write a detailed critique, all the dogs were moved and all the delegates had a chance to go over all the dogs. People were encouraged to ask questions throughout the teaching part of the seminar.
Finally the written paper was given to the delegates. For the first time all the delegates achieved a 100% pass mark there were a lot of happy faces in the room!
Everyone felt that the time given for the talk, study the dogs and take the exam was more than enough, one lady commented that she felt that a lengthy talk on the breed standard was not necessary and complemented the speakers on making the talk informative and to the point, the length of time spent enough to give people the chance to keep what was said fresh in their minds. We had a rescue Sloughi at the seminar also, Mrs Everett kindly brought along Tosca, her sand bitch to be one of the models, Tosca was a little worried at first, but soon decided this was a good place to be with so much food around! It was wonderful to see her in such good spirits and happy with her new owner. The food as always was wonderful, and I would like to thank Pat Goodship for making another of her wonderful Chillis, with such a cold wind blowing outside it was very much appreciated. Les of course did his usual stuff in the kitchen, so we didn't see much of him for the day, as he kept everyone supplied with tea and coffee, he would like to thank all who offered to help with the washing up. Terry and Sheila Bruty supplied the desserts, wonderful cheesecakes and gateau, and although I am not supposed to have it I did succumb to a small piece of Pats Trifle! Juliette Cunliffe who is well known in sighthounds, but also an authority on many of the rare breeds came along to the seminar and took lots of Photos and notes, so we look forward to reading her views on the day through the dog press.
The comments at the end of the day were very encouraging, one such comment was "One of the most informative seminars I have been to, it flowed from start to finish so by the time I took my exam, I was very relaxed, the committee made everyone so welcome and at ease...thankyou for a wonderful day".
My thanks to the committee who worked hard to make the day the success that it was, those who attended and many congratulations!