Azawakh Seminar

22nd February 2003
Shropshire/Welsh Border

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Maria Goodman

There was a seminar held on February 22nd 2004 for the Azawakh which began at two o'clock.
The seminar was well attended and there werey several sighthound judges who appreciated the chance to see the Azawakh in the flesh, so many people had only seen them in books or on the internet.
There were five Azawakhs present representing several different colours, including sand brindle and red brindle, which was very interesting to the people who attended as many had the idea they just came in red.
The breed talk was given by Susannah Kemp who used Lisen and Tiggy as models, Susannah stood the dogs on the table so that everyone had a very clear view. She spoke on the proposed breed standard for the UK, and also the function and form of the breed. Both the Azawakhs were extremely still on the table which really surprised me and looked across at their audience as though they were holding court!
Later in the day everyone had an opportunity to see the Azawakhs moving, which is an essential part of the breeds makeup, nothing else moves like an Azawakh and people were so thrilled to see them move as although it is described in the standard the only way to understand it is to watch them moving, the cold wind outside did not appeal to the Azawakhs but they gave their very best. Once back inside the hall Maria Goodman gave a talk on how to approach the Azawakh in the showring.
Then everyone got an opportunity to meet the dogs informally.
The Azawakhs were wonderful, everyone just loved the feel of them, and Tiggy showed several people that Azawakhs love to grin! He quite decided with one group of people that he was going to sit under their table and poke his head out between their chairs, which gave them the opportunity to make a lot of fuss of him which he throughly enjoyed.
Lisen stood quietly whilst several people inspected her bite, and it was interesting to hear many people call the Azawakhs regal...which is a very nice description. There was indeed a lot of interest in the breed and I think there will be several new owners in the future.
Thankyou to Susannah Thyni and Maria Goodman for such an informative talk Mary Snowdon, who brought Runi her gorgeous red Azawakh, he displayed the most wonderful movement in the hall on an extemely slippery floor, poor Mary did about five circuits with him! Ken Marys Husband who kept Les company in the kitchen, Simon Kemp, for helping out swapping over dogs and Sky and Maja Lisens puppies who looked stunning moving together.
Everyone had a lovely time, and the Azawakhs thoroughly enjoyed the sausages and cheese that was being fed to them.
Everyone is looking forward to the next one in 2005