9th June 2002
The Sky Blue Connexion Conference Centre

Sara Gould BvetMed,DSAM,CertSAM,MRCVS of the Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital, Cambridge University, will provide an overview on auto-immune diseases in the dog, specifically AI skin diseases, and an update on the US Addison’s disease project. Discussing possible trigger factors, clinical signs, diagnostic methods, treatment, prognosis etc. Sara will give an update of the auto-immune disease survey that is currently in circulation, and matters arising from the returned survey questionnaires, such as breeds affected, diseases most prevalent, hereditary and contributing factors. She will also discuss how this information will assist the Veterinary Scientists with their research in finding DNA tests for auto-immune disease in the dog.

Dr Jeff Sampson BSc, Dphil is The Kennel Club’s Canine Genetics Co-ordinator and founder of the joint KC/Animal Health Trust project to develop DNA screening tests for inherited disease in pedigree dogs. Dr Sampson, in collaboration with the scientists of the Animal Health Trust has been successful in mapping the canine genome. He will discuss ‘The Future of Dog Breeding’ and how lack of diversity in the genes of the purebred dog is causing certain inherited diseases, and how breeders may have to take steps to widen the gene pool to preserve the future health of their breed.

Dr Jean Dodds DVM (USA) is internationally recognised for her expertise in blood and immune disorders, thyroid disease and nutrition. She has also studied and written extensively on vaccination issues. Dr. Dodds qualified as a vet in 1964, and in 1986 she established ‘Hemopet/Pet Lifeline’, the first non-profit animal blood bank and clinical research centre in the USA. Dr Dodd’s accolades are too numerous to mention, but they include US awards for Outstanding Woman Veterinarian of the Year, Distinguished Practitioner of the National Academy of Practice in Veterinary Medicine and Holistic Veterinarian of the year 1994. Dr Dodds will discuss Vaccination issues, auto-immune and thyroid dysfunction, including aberrant behaviour and seizures, nutrition and alternative nutritional remedy support for improving immune function and disease resistance.

This is the best opportunity you will have to speak to the specialists

and learn more about auto-immune disease in the dog

Seminar: 9.30 for 10am – 5.30pm

Tickets: £12.50 inclusive of seminar notes,

tea, coffee & biscuits throughout the day and a two course buffet lunch.

To apply for tickets: Please forward your name, address, telephone no., breed/profession and number

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