Meshka on her hols in Cornwall

Meshka on her hols in Cornwall

photo by: B Innes

Breed : Alaskan Malamute
12th November 2001 - 22nd March 2010
Colour : Sable & White

Meshka was our very first Malamute. Meshka's first and only love (apart from Brian) is food, we have to be vigilent in the kitchen, keeping everything out of sight. Meshka loves her walks, although you are not to mention the dreaded word "work". Meshka is happy to lay there and watch the world go by, wanting no hassel from anybody, although the rest of the pack can only push her so far before she says "enough". Meshka does not enjoy showing and has only been shown lightly, which is is a shame because she has the most beautiful Malamute head, and a coat to die for.. Meshka does participate in our trips to the forest, although everything has to be at her speed (perhaps we will try a dish of food at the finishing line) that might quicken her.


  • Parents
    • shepherdsway orange glow of wintersperre
    • anuvak legend of wintersperre
  • Grand Parents
    • can ch outriggers red wolf at shepherdsway
    • eastern hill coldfoot coco at shepherdsway
    • kangas one against the wind
    • shepherdsway kiowa at anuvak
  • Great Grand Parents
    • can. ch.keikewabics ptis guy
    • keikewabics chitina
    • yukon
    • sw. ch. ivalos ayla
    • apple hills the cutting edge
    • kangas miqueco at mietta
    • malsabout golden dream of highnoons
    • easten hill coldfoot chanel at shepherdsway
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • ptis nours
    • bis keikewabics mitchie
    • nours
    • tt keikewabics &burleys merlin
    • mikko
    • ika tanana
    • ivalos froststar
    • ivalo
    • apple hills joe snow
    • apple hills shady lady
    • ch.miettas magic merlin of kaila
    • kangas miss jueau
    • kimcooshis skip
    • keikewabics ptis amie at malsabout
    • yukon
    • ivalos ayla