Lewcher Royal Sunset JW ShCM



Owner : Lewcher
Breed : Whippet
9th January 2003 - 25th April 2012

This is Bailey, daughter of our beloved Fern. She is so adorable and we are really proud of what she has achieved so far in the show ring.
Sadly we came home on 25th May 2012 to find that she had passed away, we will miss her so much.


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Gorwynne Reed Bunting of Baldrey
    • Welstar Reflections
    • Ch.Oakbark Masterplan
    • Silkstone Lysette
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Walkabout Wish Silently at Barmoll
    • Gorwynne Quaser Starshine
    • Welstar Whippowill
    • Baldrey Drogeda
    • Ch. Master Shoemaker of Oakbark
    • Ch. Oakbark Generation Girl
    • Hillsdown Fergal
    • Ch. Silkstone Finesse
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Ch. Shalfleet Silent Wish
    • Walkabout Whirling
    • Walkabout Wish Upon a Star
    • Sherilynne of Tygreene
    • Ch. Oakbark Mister Magic
    • Ch. Welstar Minted Model
    • Nimrodel Dragoon
    • Ch. Broughland Gina of Baldrey
    • Ch. Cottonmere Monty of Oakbark
    • Oakbark Merle
    • Ch. Cottonmere Monty of Oakbark
    • Oakbark Model Picture
    • Birkonbrae Coeur De Lyon
    • Siobhan of Hillsdown
    • Thurma Royal Repetition
    • Ch. Fire Dance at Silkstone