Cwmnanty Touch Me Tomato

Breed : Bull Terrier
Birthdate : 7th March 2006

Patch is white with 1 black ear and the other ear half black


  • Parents
    • Blazing Storm at Bullywood
    • Bullyview Perfect Dance at Cwmnanty
  • Grand Parents
    • Bullywood Blazing Star
    • Mulberry Mollie
    • CH Ounsdale Buffolo Bill at Bullyview
    • Bullyview First Dance
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Jamies Bright Star of Ishaba
    • Kilacabar Kast a Spell
    • Credetta King Billy
    • Kerrybar Alexandra
    • CH Flashpoint Inferno at Kilacabar
    • Ounsdale Joie De Vivre
    • Bultery First Edition at Bullyview
    • Bullyview Lets Dance
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • CH Kilacabar Stand and Deliver
    • Ishaba Hopscotch
    • CH Kilacabar Rolling Thunder
    • Turkshead Amarula of Kilacabar
    • CH Kilacabar Stand and Deliver
    • Ramen Rebekka at Credetta
    • CH Roldaines Eye at Aricon
    • Normesby Eyetri
    • CH Kilacabar Stand and Deliver
    • Staray's Blue Savannah of Kilacabar
    • Staray's Hocus Pocus of Bullyview
    • Calypso Rhythm at Ounsdale
    • Marisab Maverick of Bullyview
    • Marisab Fair Wind at Bullyview
    • CH Kilacabar Stand and Deliver
    • CH Bullyview Flash Dance