Eastonite Silverbangle at Silverbriar JW

Eastonite Silverbangle at Silverbriar

Eastonite Silverbangle at Silverbriar

photo by: Steve Jefford

Owner : Silverbriar
Breed : Pug
30th June 2006 - 12th October 2009

We very sadly lost Gracie on 12th October 2009. She is very much missed and we are so glad to have her 5 beautiful babies who are turning out just like their mum.


  • Parents
    • Myojo Hillman Hunter at Herazon
    • Eastonite Pamela
  • Grand Parents
    • Ch Luvum Kennedy Myojo
    • Myojo I love Trouble
    • Ch Northside Paul Eastonite
    • Eastonite Lady in Waiting
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Patsgang Lord Eastonite (SHCM
    • Eastonite Dancing Mary of Luvum
    • CH Snugglepug Double Trouble
    • Sneezewort Lovebug with Myojo
    • Ch Swed Ch FCI INT Ch Patsgang Sir Eastonite JW ShCM
    • Northside Jessica with Rheddkerry
    • Eastonite Silas Marner
    • Andridz I'm Millicent of Eastonite
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Migang Carlby for Patsgang
    • Northside Selene via Kuseley
    • Eastonite Matthew
    • Eastonite Fairy Toes
    • Elaref Wise Guy
    • Dark Vision from Snugglepug
    • CH Hutxpah Harvest Moon of Ansam
    • Sneezewort Nicola
    • Migang Carlby for Patsgang
    • Northside Selene via Kuseley
    • Siena Rotelle of Northside
    • Northside Olivia
    • Tamborine Tot of Eastonite
    • Eastonite Pat A Cake
    • Eastonite Flyaway Peter
    • Tallulah Truly Teaseltail