bricketwood maria at firesrye



Owner : firesrye
Breed : German Shepherd Dog
13th May 2002 - 31st January 2014
Health Tested

Health Tests

Eris came to me aged just 6 weeks she was everything I had been searching for I couldn't have been happier.

Eris matured into a beautiful outgoing friendly girl, she kept the other girls inline but they all adored her the best thing is Eris's world was food and puppies it didn't matter if they were her puppies or not she loved them all
Eris will be sadly missed, she was my one in a million who I will never ever forget and will miss forever sleep well my baby girl


  • Parents
    • bricketwood waterdale white rajah
    • bricketwood fantasia
  • Grand Parents
    • zorro of graston
    • heidis white cuddle n kiss
    • ghostwood khan
    • bricketwood september morn
  • Great Grand Parents
    • ben of berehaven
    • sheba of alcott
    • wolverine of morday
    • ladestar heidi
    • beaumonts charmer
    • craylanders kali
    • white spartan warrior
    • heidis white cuddle n kiss
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • loboas white shoshone
    • vondaun white peony at zilveren
    • gregorys boyar wonder
    • sheba of mendip
    • white warrior of bilnetts
    • ice princess from dawnvista
    • white tornado of ladstar
    • white star of ladstar
    • the grizzla of beaumont
    • bonny lass of beaumont
    • carni of oregan
    • sharana of oregan
    • heidis white tracker
    • ghostdancers diamond
    • wolverine of morday
    • ladestar heidi4/6