Casblaidd Foggy Dew (SDC A)

Casblaidd Foggy Dew

Casblaidd Foggy Dew

photo by: Maaike Kort - with thanks

Foggy 's babies

Foggy 's babies

photo by: Maaike Kort , Nick Ridley, Jo

Owner : Casblaidd
Breed : Flat Coated Retriever
14th June 2001 - 1st June 2009
Health Tested

Health Tests

Foggy was one of the easiest of bitches to train - very straightforward . She was most affectionate and feminine, and proved herself to be an outstanding game finder.

She gained her Shooting Dog Certificate 'A' at the tender age of 17 months, following in the foortsteps of her mother and father.

She picked up on five different shoots last season, a total of 73 days working, and never sick or sorry.

She is the mother of Casblaidd Hazy Daisy, by Casblaidd Don't Pay the Ferryman, and also Casblaidd Juniper, by one of Germany's top working retrievers, Aragon Umbra Fida.

She ran very creditably in four field trials .

We were devastated when we lost her with liver toxicity in June 2009.

The pictures of her babies show their natural retrieving talent - Casblaidd Juniper at 12 weeks, Casblaidd Hazy Daisy at 12 weeks, and Casblaidd Hazel Hera, who is with Maaike Kort in Holland, at only 8 weeks of age! Grown-up Daisy is also there.


  • Parents
    • Little Red Rooster of Varingo
    • Casblaidd Bridget
  • Grand Parents
    • Blackrake Otello of Collyers
    • Lilith Leaf
    • Sh Ch Cleovine Derrynane
    • Casblaidd West Country Tale
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Fenrivers Reedmace
    • Moonlight Padarn
    • Mischa of Puddington
    • Wendom Barton Lass
    • Sh Ch Heathland Gamekeeper
    • Pendlewych Pippit at Cleovine J.W.
    • Ch Exclyst Watchman
    • Gunmakers Columbine
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Barras Beau of Fenrivers
    • Gelhamson Inca
    • Gunstock Dark Ranger
    • Greatwood Radiance
    • Burnet of Kentene at Casuarina
    • Belsud Brown Owl
    • Bridport of Musk
    • Tarncourt Peep of Wendom
    • Ch Withybed Country Lad
    • Larksdown Duchess of Heathland
    • Tonggreen Storm Petrel
    • Ch Larg Linnet of Pendlewych
    • Watchingwell Foxtrot
    • Exclyst Sequin
    • Sh Ch Excyst Viking
    • Ch Meadow Falcon at Gunmakers