Rushgrove Good Heavens

Bruce age 91/2 yrs old   ( 1 CC )

Bruce age 91/2 yrs old ( 1 CC )

Breed : Gordon Setter
11th June 1997 - 14th January 2010
Health Tested

Health Tests

  • Hip Score : 43/33 = 76 - 24th September 1998

1 CC - Midland Counties 1998

'Bruce' was our 1st Gordon, and through him we fell in love with this breed. We started showing him in 1997 and got "hooked" as you might say !
He did very well at shows as a youngster, gaining 1 CC at 16mths. Later he decided that showing was not his idea of fun and would rather stay at home, so he was retired early.
The girls always showed him respect and loved his gentle nature and were all great friends.
He was always a true gentleman and a fine ambassador for the breed and loved by everyone who met him.
His memories will always be with us.

BVA/KC Eye Scheme
PRA = Clinically clear


  • Parents
    • Roydack Snowy Owl of Brobruick
    • Rushgrove Romantic
  • Grand Parents
    • Liric More Than Most at Laurelhach
    • Sh Ch Tragus Sea Holly at Roydack
    • Sh Ch Lochfain The Noble Dragon
    • Carek Crimson Gypsy
  • Great Grand Parents
    • Sh Ch Dudmoor Mylton Of Lourdace
    • Liric Show Girl
    • Sh Ch Lochfain The Noble Dragon
    • HinchinBrook Lagonda of Tragus
    • Sh Ch Hinchinbrook Dragonfly
    • Sh Ch Lochfain The Native Star
    • Sh Ch Flowerdale Cavalier
    • Carek All Gold
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Burnbreck Moss Royal
    • Winterwood Moonshade
    • Carek Purple Piper
    • Rossend Gaelic Grace of Liric
    • Sh Ch Hinchinbrook Dragonfly
    • Sh Ch Lochfain The Native Star
    • Murreyhill Redstart
    • Hinchinbrook Fallow Deer
    • Tanosca Kirkbrae
    • Sh Ch Salfran Starlight of Hinchinbrook
    • Hinchinbrook Badger
    • Lochfain The Novelist
    • Burnbreck Moss Royal
    • Flowerdale Buttercup
    • Sh Ch Carek Bronze Clansman
    • Sh Ch Carek Grey Dove