Bramblebee Red Diesel



photo by: M. Day

Owner : Bramblebee
Breed : Border Terrier
Birthdate : 16th September 2006
Colour : Red Grizzle

Diesel is one of our most proven stud dogs. He is five generations of our own line breeding from our own kennel. He has had some good wins at local terrier shows a with a few being best in show. He has a good temprament and is a joy to own, and is at standing at stud. Has produced winners and workers in our kennel and other kennels. With offspring winning at all levels in the show ring. And in grand and great grand children. Probably one of the best dogs owned to date here for leaving a legacy so quickly in our kennel and others. Diesel has been used on over 70 bitches in his time and is still going strong


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • CH Quatford Kardinal
    • Blaentir Lucy Glitters of Bramblebee
    • Otterwisp Toymaker
    • Bramblebee Lottie
  • Great Grand Parents
    • CH Duram red Clipstone
    • Brockhole blue Ribband at Quatford
    • Dandyhow western Mail
    • Garw Dancing Devil At Blaentir
    • CH Badgerholme Ripon Boy
    • Bramblebee Fizz at Otterwisp
    • Bramblebee Paddy's Pepper
    • Fiddley Bump
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • Scarlet Pimpernel
    • Boxwood Sailor
    • Brockhole Barnacle Bill
    • Bright Beacon Of Brockhole
    • Ch Dandyhow Claudius
    • Incheril Mulberry of Dandyhow
    • Garw Bandit
    • Garw Candyfloss
    • Badgerholme Laytown Reed
    • IR CH Bretcar New Venture at Badgerholme
    • CH Dandyhow Private Eye
    • Blaentir Dancing Blue at Bramblebee
    • CH Biddestone Picario Of Lutrabeck
    • Blaentir Dancing Blue at Bramblebee
    • Bramblebee Cracker
    • Sweet Dreamer