SH CH Risinglark Hyperion JW



Owner : Aarranz
Breed : Weimaraner
Birthdate : 11th July 1997

Sadly we have lost our 'Mouse'. He was a very special boy who has left a huge hole in my life. He will never be forgotten. If you would like to contact me about frozen semen please contact me on: 01726 68193 or email


  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
    • Khamsynn Cardinal SYNN
    • Gunalt Joy
    • SH CH Risinglark Notorious
    • Risinglark Old Ruby
  • Great Grand Parents
    • SH Ch Flimmoric Fanclub
    • Forever Amber
    • SH Ch Gunalt Cacharel
    • SH Ch Gunalt Anais-Anais
    • SC Ch IR SC Ch Gunalt Harris Tweed
    • Risinglark Rainbow
    • SH Ch Czersieger Clever Clown
    • CH Rujanta Game Plucker
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • AM CH Nani's Totally Awesome (IMP)
    • Lusco's Forgein Affair of Flimmoric
    • Silber Mondscein of Ricjen
    • Silver Sasha
    • CH Czolkins Platinum Cirrus
    • SH Ch Gunalt Anais-Anais
    • SH Ch Hansom Brandyman of Gunalt
    • Vimana Viveca of Gunalt
    • SH Ch Flimmoric Fanclub
    • Gunalt Joy
    • Vanwilkie Nearly Napoleon
    • CH Rujanta Game Plucker
    • Fossana Algernon
    • Heronshaw Silver Solveig
    • CH Fossana Quartz
    • Vanwilkie Naughty Nancy