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Archie at a show

Archie at a show

Owner : clandrift
Breed : Flat Coated Retriever
6th April 1996 - 2007-02-00
Health Tested

Health Tests

ARCHIE is a lively and affectionate dog, that has done well at shows and also works regularly during the shooting season. He has a lovely personality and is always a clown.

Sadly deceased February 2007


  • Parents
    • clandrift black admiral
    • halbent may minuette
  • Grand Parents
    • wizardwood quince
    • pointway midnight galaxy
    • bramatha the emperor
    • hallbent symphony
  • Great Grand Parents
    • kenstaff mulberry of heronsflight
    • ch. wizardwood wigeon
    • atherbram absolom
    • ryshot copper vanessa
    • tonggreen storm petrol
    • bramatha dark desire
    • falswift black storm
    • hallbent spring song
  • Great Great Grand Parents
    • ch. courtbeck mercury
    • heronsflight joy
    • ch. wizardwood sandpiper
    • windgather delia of wizardwood
    • stonemeade bertrum
    • auriga of hartsmeade of atherbram
    • ch. ryshot copper ablaze
    • samantha of crowood
    • tomstan hamlet
    • tonggreen song linnet
    • gunstock dark knight
    • bramatha kate
    • tonggreen storm petrol
    • ch. halstock primula of ravenscrest
    • ch. withybed country lad
    • hallbent soft music