Aralders Dougies Girl At Cairnmount

Owner : Cairnmount
Breed : Bullmastiff
29th December 2000 - 19th May 2006
Health Tested

Health Tests

Aralders Dougies Girl known at home as suzie is the mother of Cairnmount Glen Fiddich known as robbie
She has been a great show dog she is sitting on 1cc
and 3 rccs and still got a bit of show career left yet.

Suzie loves her son and plays with him all the time she
also likes to cuddle up to him of an evening on the sofa.
Suzie sadly died 19th May 2006
The first anniversary of Suzie's death
I did not know that morning
What pain that day would bring.
When a special heart stopped beating
and I couldn't do a thing.

Sad is my heart without you
Silent the tears that fall.
Living my life without you
Is the hardest part of all.


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